5 Fat Burning Exercises For Effective Weight Loss Over Fifty

women over fifty fat loss with eight training

Women over fifty effective fat loss

Many women over fifty are locked in constant battle against the bulge and are looking for ways to shed all the extra pounds. A sensible diet that only includes the healthiest foods (organic and gluten-free) is a big contributor to achieving the goal of weight loss; not only does it supply higher amounts of essential nutrients for natural fat-burning action, but it also provides sufficient energy for a more intense and productive workout.

Of course, working out is part of the formula because this doesn’t only cause you to lose weight but it also targets those specific areas where fat deposits are normally found, like the glutes, hips, belly, thighs and arms.

And speaking of fat burning exercises for effective and efficient weight loss, six are provided below.

#1 Walking, swimming and cycling, all types of aerobic exercises are effective for both weight maintenance and loss. But if you want more fat burning action, intensifying these exercises by adding high intensity interval training at least once per week will deliver results.

#2 Strength training — Pumping iron or working with resistance equipment will burn fat and turn it into muscles. Likewise, with a well-guided strength training routine, you get to work out your problematic areas by upping weights (because wimpy weights will not get you anywhere) and doing more repetitions. For women who are scared that they will get overly muscular because of strength training, it should be understood that this isn’t likely to happen because women’s bodies have a biological limit.

#3 Circuit training — This is a balanced combination of cardiovascular routines and strength training, so overall, it’s more challenging and really pushes the body to “failure.” It helps with both weight loss and muscle development.This can be done with body weight only as well as free weights and for the cardio  portion kettle bell swings work very well.

#4 Interval training — This type of workout alternates bursts of intense activity with bursts of lighter activity and it has proven to be a really great way to burn more fat. For example, use a “spin bike” set at maximum resistance for one minute , then peddle with light resistance for  three minutes to recover. This strategy will burn more calories and more fat.

#5 The Plank—This is a challenging one and can be done for thirty seconds a minute or longer if you are able to do so.It works your core , back legs and abdominal muscles all at once. Start out slowly and work your way up.Thirty seconds can be a challenge if your just starting, the build to a few extra seconds each week.

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