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Have you had a life-long battle with your weight? Are you over the age of 40? Have you developed health problems that require you to take medications? Have you tried every weight loss diet and program on the market? Have you killed yourself in the gym exercising more and eating less with little or no results? Have food cravings and constant yo-yo dieting become the normal way of life for you year in and year out? Each time you start a new diet, do you hope against hope that this time you will get the results you want? Do you instead end up with the same results: more weight gain than weight loss, failure to stick to the plan, and feeling more depressed and frustrated than before? These statements described me just a few months ago. In fact, look at the picture to the left, taken July 2013, to see the results of yo-yo dieting and the exercise more/eat less mentality.


At Abel James' Live Webcast

At Abel James’ Live Webcast

Not encouraging, is it? How could someone like that make any improvements? It’s over for that person. They’ve gone down the road of more medications, more weight gain, more illness. That person is just going to be fat, sick, depressed and miserable for the rest of her life so why not forget about it and enjoy another so-called heart-healthy meal filled with preservatives? And by the way, take the medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low thyroid and be prepared for your next visit to the doctor because type 2 diabetes is next.

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This Is Me, April 2014
I turned that bad situation around and made an amazing change in my health. How did I do it? I did one simple thing at a time.
I can hear you saying, “That’s impossible. You must have gone to a fat farm, hired Oprah’s chef and trainer, or received help from the Biggest Loser trainers.” No, I did not. But I did get help and I did my research and I am going to share everything I have learned right here and in my weekly podcast called Fat To Fit: My Quest. I don’t believe you and thousands of other people can do exactly what I did and restore your health, repair your hormones and win your weight-loss battle, but if you have the right tools and information to guide you, I believe you’re more likely to succeed. My mission is to find and deliver the latest medical presentations, information, studies and more that reveal the solutions. And guess what? By following a few simple steps you can change your health. You are not your DNA! I have put together a series of video presentations from the experts – neurologists, cardiologists and endocrinologists – and all of their presentations are based on their own case studies and patients. These will get you started on the path to changing your health. The video series is free – just let me know where to send the information by filling out the form below.


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Melissa completes a triathlon

Just seven days after changing the way I ate, my blood pressure, which had been 165/95 in June 2013, dropped to 120/70. As a result, two medications I took for blood pressure control were eliminated and the remaining one was cut in half. Don’t get too excited–my quest is by no means over. I am still shooting to get rid of that last medication by the end of 2014. Within 60 days, I reversed fatty liver condition and my liver enzymes returned to normal. I began this journey in August 2013 and as of April 2014 I’ve lost 50 pounds and more than 15 inches–and I’m still going. In fact, I’m  just getting started. Join me every week on my iTunes podcast, Fat To Fit: My Quest, as the quest to restore my health, repair my hormones and win the life-long battle with weight continues. You are not your DNA. You can be healthy again! That’s me, back in the day, finishing a triathlon in the Iron Woman category. Look at my blood panel results below to see what I was able to do in just a few months. It is stunning.







Results From My Wellness FX.com Blood Draw Panel, in Order of Images:

  1. Blood sugar from red zone 24.4 to green zone 6
  2. Glucose from red zone 108 to green zone 88
  3. Average blood sugar from red zone 5.9 to green zone 5.4
  4. Diabetes and insulin resistance are all of the indicators the above. They are all now in the green zones.

  5. General inflammation (the precursor to disease) from 16.92 to 1, my goal of less than 1 a perfect score almost there!
  6. Liver enzyme function restored from highest range of the red zone, 49, down to 15


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.54.03 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.55.01 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.55.12 AM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.37.49 AM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.42.55 AMWELLNESS-FX PANEL BIO MARKERS