About My Quest



Melissa finishes a triathlon

I was once an athlete who competed in triathlons and was a highly ranked ski instructor in both alpine and Nordic downhill. Ten years later I had gained almost 40 pounds.

My blood pressure, even with three medications to control it, was 165/95, the top end of severe hypertension. I had hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disease. My liver was starting to fail and I was diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver. Depression and desperation became my constant companions. I decided to stop looking for help from the so-called experts, and the doctors I saw did not seem to have the answers I needed. My quest began. Quietly I started doing something different. Go to the site and get live casino at our casino. Limited supply!






starting weight loss

July 2013

In seven days, then 60 days, then six months I have been able to drop two medications and cut the remaining one in half. I’ve lowered my blood pressure dramatically, reversed the fatty liver condition, cut inflammation in my body and dropped more than 50 pounds. You can, too, if you have the right information. I’ve put together a free video to show you how I did this.  Put your name and email below and I’ll send you the video and a free way to get started today.

December of 2013

April 2014

weight loss 50 lbs plus

Melissa October 214
less 55 Lbs