Episode #38 Food As The Ultimate Answer To Restoring Your Health


Women are made to believe, that we must lose weight in order to look good. Well, our guest for this weeks episode will tell you that it is never your bodys priority to lose weight. Beverley Meyer, a Natural Health practitioner, blogger, podcaster, animal lover and a funny person, has been recognized for her Outstanding []

Episode #37: Free Yourself And Be The Best That You Can Be

Free Yourself And Be The Best That You Can Be

You know, sometimes, you could be your own worst enemy. The decisions we make for ourselves with regard to our present and future, plans and achievements and of course, health and fitness would reflect our character. The moment you lose balance in what you do and where you are with the challenges you are going []

Episode #36 How To Get Your Fitness Journey Started With Physical Therapy And Exercises

One topic I get a lot of questions about is exercise. You may be just starting out. You may have neglected your routine and want to work on your fitness again. Or you may be just like me someone who had suffered from joint and bone injuries but still wants to pursue a healthier, more []

Episode #35 Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

I have been getting a couple of questions and inquiries on Facebook and my website from people who want to know more about certain topics. So, in this podcast, I picked a few to talk about and respond to, and share tips and recommendations as well. However, its best to keep in mind that every []

Episode #34: Why Every Woman Should Embrace A Self-Love Mindset

Why Every Woman Should Embrace A Self-Love Mindset

For most women, everyday is a day where you are expected to be the perfect version of yourself for the people and the demands that await you whether at work, at school or in your very own home. And sure, you may look great and healthy but, are you really fit for all these responsibilities? []

Episode #33: How To Be Your Own Health Advocate With Jennifer Fugo

How To Be Your Own Health Advocate With Jennifer Fugo

Your weight issues can also mean you have health issues. This is often the case among individuals who have been struggling to find the ultimate solution to weight loss but have failed due to some unknown reasons. However, it is highly important for women in particular to be better at handling health issues because of []

Episode #32 How To Reduce Stress In Your Pursuit Of Weight Loss And Optimal Health

How To Reduce Stress In Your Pursuit Of Weight Loss And Optimal Health

Several factors can affect your health and you may find it hard to point out where the health problem is really coming from. This leads a lot of us to try different treatment methods to solve each and every issue, often to no avail. What most people dont know is that most health problems can []

Episode #31: Whats Wrong With Your Metabolism, Body Fat And Calories?

Its so easy to get off track and go back again and again and go find yourself back where you started.This often happens to people who have no clear understanding on the true state of their health and disassociate weight loss from body disorders. The truth is that a huge part of your weight problem []

Episode #30: The Healthy Way To Juicing And Detox

Juicing + detox is all the rage these days, and more and more people are turning to it as a way to fast weight loss. Although green juices with whole fiber included and that are cold pressed can work great for many individuals especially when it comes to getting rid of toxins, it does not []

Episode #29: Multivitamins and Supplements: Are They Really Beneficial?

Ben Greenfield

You probably grew up taking your multivitamins everyday just like your parents told you, believing theyre good for you and can lengthen your life. Well, guess what? A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine talks about how your standard, synthetic multivitamins and supplements have no significant effect on your health and particularly on your []

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