Cereal Killers: The Movie

Don’t Fear the Fat!
In this episode I review the Kickstarter-funded movie Cereal Killers, produced by Donal O’Neil.

cereal killers movie

This is a great documentary. It is interesting without being heavy handed or boring. It reminded me of my own quest. Donal O’Neil raised the funds via Kickstarter, an online crowd-funding site. It allows filmmakers and other artists to propose a project and ask the general public to make it happen by pledging money.

Donal, the star and narrator, is stunned when his Dad, a life-long athlete and star Irish football player, suffers a heart attack. He finds it strange that this could happen to someone who has lived an active life. Donal wonders if the same illness is in his future so he sets out to find answers, traveling to the Sports Science and Research Center in South Africa which, if I am not mistaken, is the same clinic Tim Ferriss visited to determine if he could beat his DNA and become a power weight lifter. Ferriss posted a video of him having a biopsy of his thigh.

The best part about the film is that Donal documented his health before he made changes to his diet. He had blood panels, metabolism tests and a DNA test. He had the results reviewed by Dr. Timothy Noakes, who is well known in the world of marathon runners. Noakes is also the author of The Lore of Running.

I won’t give away the ending but what Donal finds out is surprising and encouraging, particularly because it shows, as Tim Ferriss  also found, you do not have to become your DNA. There are ways to prevent and avoid illness but you need a road map.

We have setup a way for people to see the movie, sort of like a Netflix rental where is can be streamed on your computer or mobile device. You can rent the film just like a Netflix rental. The funds go to the producers to cover their expenses. I don’t think you will be disappointed and it’s kid friendly as well.

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