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The WWE champion wrestler Diamond Dallas Page discusses how he made an amazing recovery from a devastating back injury not just to recover his own health but to be able to re-enter competitive wrestling and win. Dallas speaks about his own quest to restore his health at 59 years old and how his methods have helped others. Including a fellow wrestle  “Jake The Snake”who Dallas worked with to take back his life and his health and has been the subject of a documentary film premiered at the Sundance film festival this year. Find Out why Dallas’s yoga program can work for people with injuries and limited range of motion to restore flexibility and deliver strength and weight loss.

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The Transcript of the interview:


Melissa                     All right, welcome Dallas. Thanks so much for taking time to be on the program today.

Dallas Page:             Pleasure to be here.

Melissa                     Listen, you had a serious injury to your back and it knocked you out of your professional livelihood basically a while ago. Can you talk about how viewed that, and what you decided to do to turn that around?

Dallas Page:             I think that everyone first needs to know that Diamond Dallas Page, or DDP as most people know me, that I didn’t become a wrestler, professional wrestler until I was 35 years old. My career did not take off until I was 40. That was in 1996. 1997, and 98, I was one main event after another. I was living a dream in a whole different level. I’d just signed a 3-year multi-million dollar deal, and then bang. I blew my back out so badly that three different back specialists, spine specialists, told me my wrestling career was over.

Now, I just got to the dream. I got to the mountain. I just couldn’t believe it was over. I’m a guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga the first 42 years of my life, but I was desperate so I tried it. I tried a couple people that didn’t work for me, and I came across this guy Brian Guest and he was cool. I like just how he taught it, and the moves he put us through. I didn’t like that there was nobody modifying the position because I was completely inflexible at the time. My core strength was zero. The pain was through the roof, and I had to figure out modifications. Within 3 weeks I started to feel a significant difference.

I’ve had two shoulder surgeries, two knee surgeries, now my back’s blown out. I’d done rehab for all of that. I started to mix the back rehab with the yoga positions. Wow, that sort of flows. Then I added in old school calisthenics, like push-ups, squats, crunches. I did them with a slow motion burn. Meaning I would do it for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds. What I figured out completely by accident is every time you flex, or engage a muscle … Pretend you’re lifting weights, you have to engage all these muscles to move. If you’re running, you have to engage all these muscles. Well now, virtually standing still, I figured out every time you engage or flex a muscle your heart has to beat faster to get the blood to the muscle.

By accident DDP yoga … DDP yoga, it ain’t your mama’s yoga, by accident I developed what would be called DDP yoga as a kick ass, cardiovascular workout that was dramatically increasing my flexibility. How, by breaking up scar tissue, and alleviating pain, and strengthening my core like never before, with minimal joint impact. In less than 3 months I was back in the ring. At 42 they said my career was over. At 43 years old I was the heavy weight champ of the world. I’m going to keep doing that, and I just started to share it with people.

It led to me writing a book called Yoga For Regular Guys, DDP Yoga. We did my first DVD series, which this disable veteran Arthur Borman came out of. Then my DDP Yoga fitness system, which is everything from the workouts, the food, the inspiration, showing how to set goals, showing you that … I try to encourage everyone to understand, as important as DDP Yoga is, the workout, as important as the eating plan is, it’s 10% of the equation. The 90% is between your ears. It’s the story you tell yourself. I try to get people to break that habit of putting themselves down. Telling themselves they’re a loser. I’m never going to be able to do this. I try to teach them they have to rechange their story they tell themselves if they want to change their life, or in my case help them own their life.

Melissa                     Yeah, I think you have a pretty good example of that in action Dallas with Arthur. I’m going to put a link in the show notes so people can find that video on Youtube, which I watched and it’s amazing the transformation. I think a lot of people would look at you and say well even though a lot of these things happened to you, you were still, going into your injury, in shape. You were a professional wrestler, but this guy Arthur, his story is quite amazing when we see his transformation using your program. I don’t know all of his injuries, but like I said I’m going to put a link in the show notes to that. I think that has like 9 million views at last count.

Dallas Page:             Or was it 11, 11.5.

Melissa                     11 million views, yeah. Again, you can see his attitude changing very slowly. When he has setbacks he just keeps on going, which I think is really important. Can you talk a little bit about the eating plan that you recommend for people to recover from injuries like yours?

Dallas Page:             I tried to keep it as simple as possible. There’s a couple of different ways to go. Some people it’s just calories in, calories out. If you burn 3,000 calories and you eat 2200, well you’re going to lose weight. Then I take it to another level, because for some people that really doesn’t work, people who are 60, 70 pounds over. You have to remember, I never developed DDP Yoga for weight loss. It just turned out to be an awesome side effect. I developed DDP Yoga to heal my body, that was the focus.

The food, what I realized by watching Arthur Borman’s … Arthur did my Phase 3 eating plan, which is all about health. Not eating … I want people to understand that the words like organic, that means you’re great-great-grandparents ate that food. That’s all that means. There was no such thing as organic 80 years ago, because everything was organic. Today, with all the preservatives and the garbage they put on and into our foods … I also try to get people off genetically modified foods. Things that aren’t real, aren’t developed by, aren’t grown by God. It came out of a lab, a scientist, out of a tube.

What I realized with Arthur … Here’s a guy who can not walk for 15 years with out the aid of knee braces, back brace, and wrap around canes. The workout absolutely helped him, and strengthened him, and broke up scar tissue, but the food killed him. The food … If you’re putting garbage in your tank you’re going to get garbage results. You can get way with it for a while, but as you get older you really have to pay attention what you’re sticking in your mouth. I’ve go everything in my program from the paleo diet, to the gluten free dairy free, GMO free. Trying to get people, again, eating what’s considered real food.

Melissa                     Yeah, well I’m with you 100% on that, because that’s one of the key things I use to help myself recover from injuries, and also as you say, a great side effect was fat loss, and improved blood panels and health. Another thing your programs works with is dynamic resistance. Can you give us a little overview of that for people who aren’t familiar with it.

Dallas Page:             Think about lifting weights. When you lift weights, let’s say you’re doing curls and you’ve got 25 pounds in your hands. You start to curl the weights … Maybe some people that’s too light, so picture 40 pounds in your hands. Whatever that weight is that you are challenged. You’re going to engage all those muscles in your hands, your forearms, your biceps, your triceps, your shoulders, but it’s also going to go into your feet. Your stabilizing, if you’re holding 30 pounders you just added 60 pounds to you. Once you start to move you start to engage. What I do … Let me give you this example too. When you’re laying in bed you’re heart rate is going to be the lowest it can be right? When you sit up what’s going to happen to your heart rate?

Melissa                     It’s going to increase.

Dallas Page:             Absolutely, when you stand up it’s going to increase again. When you walk, jog, run, sprint, up, up, up, up. All your doing is engaging muscles, more and more muscles, so again, your heart has to be faster. What I try to get people to do … I can do it on a TV show, I can do it on the radio, I can do it anywhere. If you open up your hand … do it with me. Put your arm straight out in front of you. I want you to be sure it’s straight. Now I want you to pull your pinky away from your thumb. I want you to pull your thumb away from your pinky. Really pull, can you feel your fingers start to light up?

Your hand, your forearm, your triceps, everything. If you just let loose and then you spread. Open your pinky and your thumb, pull away from each other, and then let go, feel all these muscles engage. That’s the first part. Next part is you open your hand again, and you take your right thumb and index finger, and you put them against your left thumb and index finger. Now keep you fingers … Remember you’re still pulling your pinky away from your thumb, you thumb away from your pinky.

Melissa                     That’s hard to do. It’s hard to do.

Dallas Page:             Right. Now push your thumb and index finger against each other really hard. Now the inside forearm, bicep, and pec just got engaged too, right?

Melissa                     Yes. Yes.

Dallas Page:             Keep doing that. Straighten your arm out in front of you. Keep pushing and pulling your pinkys away, now take your hands up over your head, but move with resistance, as if you’re moving through clay. When you’re back as far as you can, bring your arms out to a T, clench your fists tight, bring your fists together, your biceps together. In other words Hulk it up baby. Attention, shoulders back, chest out, at ease. Now, just sitting there doing that are you already starting to perspire a little bit?

Melissa                     Oh yeah, it’s not as easy as it would seem to be. You would think you’d be doing almost nothing, but you definitely can feel all your muscles engaging. Also, that one about raising the arms and so forth, definitely tweaked the back. I could feel it tweaking my back a little bit here. I’m at a standing desk at the moment, so it’s adjusting things. Very effective, very effective.

Dallas Page:             What I say when I’m doing my workshops, and I do them all over the world, I tell them that at one point … It’s sort of funny and it makes them laugh. I say today we won’t be reaching our arms to the heavens, and I’ll reach my arms up, reaching our arms to the heavens so the universe smiles back at us. I let my arms flop and say we ain’t doing that today, because that’s yoga. It’s a simple, slow, [inaudible 00:12:53], don’t engage, it’s just a flow. With mine, I want my heart rate jacked up. I want to be in the fat burning zone in the first 3 minutes, the highest end, standing still.

Then I’m going to build strength. I’m not just flexing, I’m getting that stretch and also strengthening that muscle. I’m not just stretching the muscles, I’m strengthening the muscle, but I’m not just strengthening the muscle I’m stretching the ligaments and tendons. That’s what makes DDP Yoga it’s own animal. I won’t let people call it yoga, they can call it DDPY, or DDP Yoga, because what I’m doing is completely different than anything out there. I never made this for yogis, even though a lot of them dig it, I didn’t make it for them, because they get yoga. They can do all sorts of yoga, [inaudible 00:13:50], power yoga, [inaudible 00:13:53], they can do all that.

I developed this for people who were like me, who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga. Today I love taking Brian Guest’s class in LA, I love stopping in to see [Shivaray 00:14:10] and do a power class with her. There’s so many great yogis out there. After someone’s doing DDP Yoga, if they’re one of the people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga, there’s a good chance at some point they’re going to walk into a studio. They’re going to try some of that other yoga out, and if they’ve got a good teacher, they’re going to go wow, that class was great. If the teacher is lame, they’re going to go wow, that yoga sucks. It comes down to the teacher.

Melissa                     Right, right. Do you have some tips for people on the mental? We talked about that a little at the beginning, the mental process, because that seems to be, in my mind, one of the biggest road blocks. It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to try to rehab my injuries. People can’t seem to change, as you said, the self talk. Are there some tips that you recommend to people to help them get a little bit … One foot in front of the other down the road so that they can see the benefits?

Dallas Page:             I think a lot of people enable a lot of people. A lot of people like to be the victim. If you are one of those people who really does want to own their life, I own my life. No one tells you what I can or can’t do. I’m going to be 59 in April, I just showed up in the Royal Rumble with the WWE. Came out there at almost 59 years old, with a bunch of 20 year old kids, and moved around like … Every kid in that ring, the average age was 28 when I got in there.

I am 58, I’ll be 59, and I got in there and did 3 diamond cutters out of know where and blew the roof off the place. [Crosstalk 00:15:59] Because I don’t let anyone tell me what I can or can’t do. One of my favorite quotes … You have to surround yourself with inspiring people, books, videos. Tony Robbins is an awesome individual to listen to. Listen to Tony Robbins. He has a lot of really great perspectives on life period. One of my favorite quotes is this “If you say you can or you say you can’t you’re right.” Do you know who said that?

Melissa                     No, I do not.

Dallas Page:             Henry Ford, but what the hell did he ever do? What about a guy who changed the world? Another thing is there’s a lot of people who hang out with negative people. Eliminate them from you life. I don’t care if it’s your wife, or your husband, if they are dragging you down like an albatross, it’s time to make a move. I just don’t let … No one is allowed to be around me and be sulking, and pissed off, whatever. It’s okay what’s the problem, oh that’s the problem. Do you really care about that 3 months from now? No. Most people get into arguments and don’t even know what they’re fighting about.

I believe that life is 90% what happens to us, and 10% of how we react to it. In other words you’ve got to focus on the positive. Focus on what you do have, instead of what you don’t have. I was watching Episodes, this show on Showtime, Matt Leblanc is the star of it, and it’s really funny. In the show that week they were talking about a guy who did this big ponzi scam, and took all these Hollywood people’s money and just squandered it. Matt had lost $32 million. You’d think he’d lost everything the way he’s acting. Oh, I still have $31 million. That’s a good example.

Melissa:                    I want to mention too Dallas that, as we talked about, a lot of MMA fighters, football players, and people like that, within your sports realm are you using your program DDP Yoga. But as we mentioned at the top here we’re going to put a link to Arthur’s video, which is someone, like I said, who suffered from a lot of injuries and made a miraculous on screen recovery. Again, I want to say that it’s so important I think, the recovery that you yourself made, but it’s how all these other people are making in strength and just being able to do things. Then weight loss, or fat loss, as a bonus to it.

I think that’s really important and I’m glad you talked about your age and so forth, because I think that’s where people really fall down. They get into this negative mind set and they just think oh I’m too old, I can’t recover from this. I always really encourage people to look into physical therapy, look in to some of these what are considered alternative ways, because you can get such great results. You’ve taken it to the top of the mountain here. Not only recover yourself, but helping other people. Like I said, so many people have gotten benefit from this that have been using it. Now, how long has this program been out Dallas?

Dallas Page:             Well, I’ve actually been doing it for the last … I started it in 1998. That would mean almost 17 years of doing it. I wrote the book in 2005. That’s where I started really putting money into it to try to make it what it is today. It’s slowly but surely becoming a household name, where people know about it, they’ve heard about it. For me, starting it in 2005, 2007 I did some DVDs. Then I did some more in 2011, or 10, 2010. Today I’m building a DDP Yoga Performance Center. It’s in Atlanta Georgia, a little town called Smyrna.

We all know that there used to be records. Then you had 8 tracks. Then began cassettes, and then they became MP3s, then they became CDs, and then they became your phone. All your music is on your phone. The only thing that’s still alive, but it’s a dying breed, is the DVD. What I am going to do … What I’m doing right now, it will be open in April. I built 3 sound stages, 6300 square feet. I’ve built this production studio that is the coolest thing you’ve ever walked into. It’s industrial looking, it’s hip, it’s cool.

When you get into where the sound stages are, there’s a big sound stage for my workouts, there’s another sound stage for my cooking shows, and there’s a 29 foot green screen. It’s 16 feet high, and 18 feet deep. I can do DDP Yoga on the moon, and I will be. It will all come off of subscription. Anybody who invests in a DDP Yoga program today, who gets a DVD, will still get DVDs. If they do that, they’re going to automatically, once I have their email, begin a subscription to try DDP Yoga Now. That’s where it’s all going. It’s cost me, between the Performance Center, and the app/network for lack of a better word, it’s costs me close to $3 million. I call the building, the Performance Center, the house that Shark Tank built.

Melissa                     Yeah, yeah, I was just going to mention it. For people who don’t know, we’ll put a link to it, you were on Shark Tank I think, was it last year?

Dallas Page:             Yep, last February. We did a million dollars in sales in 6 days. Over all we’ve probably done close to $1.8 million, just from Shark Tank. We had a phenomenal year. This year, like I say, we’re getting ready to introduce the Performance Center, and DDP Yoga Now. We will be the first to do live workouts.

Melissa                     Yeah, I was just going to say this will be streaming right? So people will be able to stream it on their phone, or their iPad?

Dallas Page:             The can use their phone, their iPad, their droid, their computer. If you’ve got Apple TV, or Google TV you can send it right to your TV. Then once that live workout goes up, boom now it’s in the queue. It will be there forever. Right now you get 15 workouts, program guide, eating plan, you get all that plus way more.

Melissa                     Yeah, your cooking show. Your cooking show.

Dallas Page:             And the inspirational stuff. I developed the very first DVT wake up alarm clock. What I do with that is … Say you have your phone or your iPad next to your bed. A lot of people use the clock and they use it as an alarm to wake up. What you’ll get with DDP Yoga Now it will click on, the next thing you know, what ever your thing is, you hear it and there I am. Yo, monkey, get out of bed. Don’t make me come in there. It’s a lot of funny ones. There’s R rated, and there’s G rated, there’s one there just entertaining. Just crazy stuff. We had about 60 of them when we opened we had 60 different wake alarm clocks. They’re a lot of fun.

Melissa                     Cool, very cool. All right Dallas, I know you’re busy and you actually were going to put a link you competed just this past weekend, and for people listening you lost your voice, so thanks so much for coming on today. Where can people … What’s the best place for people to find the program online?

Dallas Page:             DDPYoga.com, if you didn’t catch the video on your site, you can always watch it there. You can see so many transformations that will blow your mind. I had a guy who grew up here in Park City. We have a movie up here called the Resurrection of Jake the Snake. You want to talk about two guys I helped change their lives. Those are two of the greatest stories ever. You can watch the movie. After our first screening a gentleman walks up to me named Jerrod, about 320 pounds. He says to me “Diamond, I just had to meet you, I just want to thank you. I’ve been doing DDP Yoga for 8 months, I’m down 190 pounds.” I was like “Seriously?” That’s a lot of weight for that period of time. I said to him, “Is there any way you took the six pictures?” He said “Absolutely.” They are up on DDP Yoga. After I leave, I go back on my internet and I look him up, and sure as hell, there’s this 510 pound man who said enough is enough. He wrote down all of his goals. He wrote down everything that he was going to achieve. I was just blown away. I went back and read his fist blog, which was 8 months ago, after week 1. I was “Oh my God. This is amazing.” Don’t even listen to a word I say. Go to facebook DDP Yoga, or facebook DDPYOGA. Read what people write. It’s unbelievable.

Melissa                     Yeah, we’ll put a link in the show notes to your twitter, and your facebook accounts too.

Dallas Page:             On Twitter @realddp and @ddpyoga I actually go on there and talk to people all the time. The stories are mind boggling.


Melissa:                    Yeah, as I say, the ones that I’ve seen are truly impressive. I have to say that it must make you feel really good because you’re doing a lot of good work out there by helping people recover who really were pretty much given up.

Dallas Page:             I’ve been very blessed. To do something that I love to do … I had so many people come up to me and tell me, back when I was wrestling, oh my God you were such an inspiration to me. I didn’t start wrestling until I was 35, when my career took off I was 40. I said about 5 years ago on an interview, I said … A friend of mine asked me, this guy Alvarez said “So where do you see DDP Yoga in 5 years?” Which was 5 years ago. I said “Well, at some point DDP Yoga is going to dwarf what I did in the 90s as a wrestler.” He said “Wow, that’s a bold statement.” I said “I just believe it.”

Right today it’s happening. I got to be in the Royal Rumble, I’m wearing a DDP Yoga shirt. [Inaudible 00:29:18] are talking about man 58 years young, or going to be 59, whatever the hell he said. You’re moving like a cat out there. I’m going to have to get me some of that DDP Yoga. Then I’m doing diamond cutters all over the place, and it was just like … It was a great rub by the company giving to us. Right now it’s just very gratifying. I don’t know how to say it besides I love what I do.

Melissa                     Yeah, well great, well keep it up. We’ll follow you and like I said, thanks so much for coming on today. We’ll put links to all your stuff so people can follow and I really encourage them to do so because the transformations are amazing, and your own self as you say. You’re not 22, and as I say you competed this past … We’re recording this the end of January and you competed this past weekend, and like you said we’re putting the whoop on quite a few younger competitors.

Dallas Page:             Yeah, it was a lot of fun, it was a lot of fun. I was sore as hell yesterday, but not so bad today. I was actually doing DDP Yoga in the gate at Delta, just by myself for about 25 minutes. Oh God, I feel so much better.

Melissa                     Yeah, that’s a great thing to remind people, one of the things I did too is when you’re traveling use these program to help you resolve the stiffness and soreness either from what you did before, or just sitting in the plane for a long flight. Anyway, thanks so much for coming on. I know you’re pressed for time here so I want to let you go, but we’ll put links to everything. I’m hoping people will follow you on Twitter and Facebook and find out the work you’re doing. Good luck with the Performance Center. It sounds cool.

Dallas Page:             Thank you. If you’re ever in Atlanta area, please get a hold of me and come by, okay?

Melissa                     I totally will, I totally will, thank you so much.

Dallas Page:             All right buddy, have a great day.

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