Episode #19: Doing Your Body over with John Schaefer

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For women over 40, getting fit and achieving your ideal body can be an overwhelming, intimidating goal. But experience has taught me that it all starts with having the right mindset, as well as having access to relevant, up-to-date information on fitness and nutrition. However, given the huge volume of information out there, how will you better understand concepts and terminologies and be able to separate the facts from the myths?

In this podcast episode, I talk with John Schaefer, a professional personal trainer with an exercise science degree and the founder of Cut Method, which specializes in changing how people view fitness and nutrition. He sheds light to some of provocative topics in health and fitness today – the power of CrossFit, results you can get from high-intensity interval training, and the truth behind metabolic and caloric rate. He gives his expert view on the best fitness and nutrition strategies for women over 40, shatters false fitness assumptions and provides practical tips on how to get real, sustainable results despite the setbacks.

What’s in it for you:

  • Doing your body over is possible even after 40
  • Fitness for women over 40 – figuring out the first steps, finding the right mindset
  • Choosing a sustainable training program that matches your unique needs and objectives
  • Overcoming setbacks with small but sure steps
  • Getting results with the help of the right personal trainer
  • Intensity, competition and community motivation with CrossFit
  • How your relationship with food impacts your fitness level
  • High-intensity interval training: why it works and how to make it work for you


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