Episode #20: Healthy, Happy Living Lessons from a Teenage Foodie

Your relationship with food has a significant impact to your overall wellness and fitness.

Eating well, appreciating fresh, whole food and reconnecting with the tastes and textures in the home kitchen are things that can turn your life around and help you regain the health and happiness that you seek.

My guest in this episode, Joshua Weissman, knows from experience how a healthy food philosophy can change the life not just of one person but of a community. Feeling tired of being overweight, in poor health and a victim of bullying, Joshua traced his steps and rediscovered the positive things that a good meal can bring. His passion for cooking has led him to better understand food and has turned him into a successful author of the book The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook. He’s also a popular food blogger, published author in leading online food sites and is hailed as a local food hero in Houston. And did I mention he’s only 18 years old?

In this podcast, Joshua shares with us how you’re never too old – or too young – to be a food lover in the healthiest, most life-affirming way.

slim palateCurious? Check these out:

  • How to feel better by eating real food and getting quality sleep
  • Lose 100 pounds by going back in the kitchen
  • Kids do want to eat better
  • Breaking the “eat less, exercise more” myth
  • How to take away the issue of eating junk food
  • The Paleo diet as a good, simple and easy baseline for eating right
  • Finding your own happy medium depending on your fitness goal
  • Strength training and its benefits to your bones, muscles and immunity system
  • Shopping and budgeting tips for a Paleo-type menu
  • Choosing to eat and shop local
  • Eating right at the right price

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