Episode #22: Understanding Modern Primal Living

Is your modern-day lifestyle a primary reason why you may be suffering from poor health? These days, fitness-conscious people are faced with a vast variety of options and solutions, from sophisticated exercise equipment to trendy diets and exercise programs to expensive running shoes that claim to help them acquire the fitter, healthier body they dream about. However, scientific proof reveals that these modern constructs can actually be harmful instead of helpful to your health. Sometimes you need to look back and learn from the past to get the results you want for the future.

Our guest today, personal trainer and podcaster Tony Federico, has experienced how looking into ancient lifestyles and principles can help people discover ways to improve their health, fitness and lives. He believes that being more mindful about the selection, preparation and enjoyment of food can radically change your health. After all, that’s how he transformed his life, from struggling with fitness to becoming a fitness professional with a mission to make mealtime more meaningful.

Tony has a degree in exercise science from the University of Florida and is an American College of Sports Medicine certified health and fitness specialist. He is a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine and hosts the Paleo Magazine radio podcast helping executives, retirees and athletes achieve their fitness goals.

tony fedListen to this episode and learn from our discussions:

  • Taking responsibility and overcoming childhood struggles with ADD and binge eating
  • A powerful transformation through proper nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation
  • Building a healthy skepticism about modern constructs: Are your “sophisticated” running shoes or the “modern-day” diet helpful or harmful?
  • Discovering Paleo through years of finding the best path to fitness
  • What did the caveman eat? Gaining new insights by learning more about our ancestors’ lifestyle
  • Escaping conventional medications to address arthritis and bodily aches and pains
  • Living the primordial lifestyle in a modern environment, according to Paleo Grilling: A Modern Caveman’s Guide to Cooking with Fire
  • How harnessing fire made us more human. Grilling helps people get more nutrients from food; fire is instrumental in the building of families and communities
  • Investing in the preparing, making and sharing of your own meals
  • Valuing the narrative of food: deepening your connection with food and celebrating your eating experiences
  • All about the Paleo Magazine and the Paleo Magazine radio podcast; Tony’s website Modern Cave Man
  • Venues and events you can join to know more about the growing Paleo movement
Tony's New Book

Tony’s New Book


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