Episode #23: Eccentric Exercise: The Non-Traditional Weight Loss and Fitness Training Program for You

Lee RichNot all people can freely adopt any type of exercise and readily achieve their fitness goals. These are the people who have been injured or who have been suffering from a certain illness. Last year, I started different types of workouts hoping I could get my healthy body back after a serious shoulder injury. Thankfully, I was able to find the eccentric exercises that build up your body strength and encourage rehabilitation from injuries.

In this episode, I talk with Lee Rich, a certified clinical nutritionist and personal trainer. He is also the founder of the Rich Wellness YouTube channel that showcases different health and nutrition tips. He is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals the unconventional way. His 10 years of experience and knowledge in fitness and nutrition will surely help you.

In this podcast:

  • Body weight workout using eccentric exercises
  • How to rehabilitate injuries through the eccentric way of exercising
  • Increase strength in knees and shoulders the unconventional way
  • What is eccentric exercise? Overloading deep muscle fiber tissues minus the setbacks
  • Traditional vs. non-traditional weight bearing exercises
  • How to mix interval training with eccentric training
  • Is running long distance really good for you? Getting more blood supply to your tendons
  • Quality over quantity in exercise – false ideas about exercising, running a marathon
  • Activating the big muscles in your body – stronger legs and biceps
  • How to start your eccentric training – equipment and tips
  • Cold thermogenesis for workout and injury recovery
  • Less stressful ways of losing weight, getting in shape
  • Changing your diet as the main component to getting results
  • The ultimate health coffee – with mushroom! Ganoderma coffee


Rich Wellness

Rich Wellness YouTube channel

Ganoderma Coffee: The Amazing Health Coffee

University of New Mexico Research

Aaron Bubbico, B.S. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D.

The Calorie Myth


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