Episode #25: How to Market Ethically in the Fitness Industry

Melissa with Steve de la TorreMaking money in the fitness industry is not as easy as it seems. There are several questionable practices nowadays that are putting people’s lives at risk. Often, entrepreneurs promise the moon to their customers just to gain profit. You will usually find that those who make business by selling fitness programs and products are torn between creating appealing advertisements and providing realistic expectations. Most fitness entrepreneurs are tempted to offer quick and massive transformations to promote their business with little thought of the welfare of their clients. You can’t blame them for selling what the customers want. This type of marketing is easy-money marketing.

However, these fitness entrepreneurs, more than anybody, should know how detrimental this marketing method could be not only to their business but also their career. They know that the key to business success is not only selling what customers want but also giving them what they need. Indeed, this can be really tormenting for them.

This is exactly why in this week’s podcast we will talk about how to market ethically and make money. I talk with Steve de la Torre, founder of FITPRO INFERNO, who showcases fitness professionals around the world as they share their success stories and journeys of overcoming failures. It has been Steve’s career and passion for 16 years to help fitness professionals improve their business through their marketing. He currently owns a transformation center in Newport Beach, CA.

So, here are the episode’s key points:

  • Marketing methods in competition with media and pop culture
  • The truth behind quick-transformation marketing
  • Sell people what they want and give them what they need
  • Never market an unrealistic result; putting a realistic spin on your marketing
  • Processed food is nutrient-deficient? Be your own researcher
  • On getting outside nutritionists for your business
  • The essence of knowing the ingredients when using supplements
  • Understanding the juicing trend; cleansing with juice
  • Safely using technology in fitness pursuits
  • Overcomplicating sleep issues; what to do
  • The role of education in showing the bigger picture of health

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