Episode #26: Measuring Your Health and Fitness Results the Logical Way

Measuring Your Health And Fitness Results The Logical WayThe reason why most people easily get off track is because they fail to recognize the importance of focusing on results. It is crucial for those who have set fitness goals to know exactly how they are moving towards their goals. Not all fitness programs work so you need to distinguish which ones will suit you best. You can only do this logically, if you want to do this right.

In this podcast, I share with you how I have been tracking my progress since I started nutritional and training programs. To ensure that I stay on the right path, I only track my progress the logical way and consult with the experts for measuring my results. Through this podcast you will know the different tools and resources I have used to constantly check on my overall body condition.

In this podcast:

  • Importance of tracking your progress the logical way
  • Going under extensive WellnessFX tests
  • Undertaking a Paleo diet and being gluten-free
  • Examining test results and their significance
  • Addressing body issues and going to the green zone
  • Choosing the right fitness training for your fitness goals
  • Paying attention to results and their implications
  • Small changes over time – slowly but surely


Links for the episode:

Eccentric exercise
Dr. Mark Hyman’s Detox


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