Episode #27: Eye-Opening Perspective on Food and Fitness

Eye-Opening Perspective On Food And FitnessEveryone has their own fitness journey. As more and more people become exposed to food choices that are limited in terms of nutrient content, the road to becoming fit and healthy has become challenging. Whether it is one’s relationship with food or way of living that causes the turmoil, the effects normally range from eating to exercising disorders. Many of these individuals often believe that these nutrient-deficient food choices are their only options. You can’t blame most of them when they are surrounded with wrong information and false advertisements on health and nutrition.

Well, just fitting for this week’s discussion is our guest Cassy Garcia, a food blogger and home chef specializing in Paleo-friendly recipes with photo instructions, nutrition challenges and fitness motivation. After graduating from Texas A&M University, she began working in the medical field where she realized her passion for nutrition. With her love of nutrition science, delicious food and energizing fitness adventures, Fed+Fit was born. With Fed+Fit she believes that food comes first and nutrition does not have to be boring, while exercise should be fun and energizing. Let’s get to know more about Cassy and her journey, touching on her best menu recommendations and even her armpit care tips!

In this week’s podcast:

  • Food comes first: exploring nutrition on an eye-opening perspective
  • Paleo diet and Crossfit training for health and weight issues
  • How little the scale matters when you focus on healing
  • Dealing with inflammation and infection issues when you gain weight
  • On holding meal mini-ceremonies; food is not the enemy
  • Stuck on the media mindset of eat less, exercise more
  • What we put in our bodies has an effect on our health
  • Dealing with skin care issues in a Paleo-friendly way
  • Breakfast salad and other delicious recipes; plus, shopping tips!

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July 26 – Austin Convention Center


Food comes first. [Click to tweet]
Food is not the enemy. [Click to tweet]
How little the scale matters when you focus on healing. [Click to tweet]

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