Episode #28: ProCakes: Tasty Pancakes That Are Actually Good for You

ProCakes: Tasty Pancakes That Are Actually Good For YouWho loves pancakes? Oh I do, but I hated how I felt after eating two or more. For those of us who still can’t help but have occasional pancake days, it’s great to know that you can now look and feel your best without compromising your favorite comfort food. Caren Magill Myers, our guest for this show, has worked out the typical pancake and come up with a protein-packed alternative called ProCakes.

ProCakes are wheat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free with only 14 net carbs per serving. Inspired during her training for the Miss Bikini Universe bodybuilding competition, Caren realized the importance of keeping a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates in order to keep blood sugar levels consistent, sustain workouts and avoid feeling hungry and deprived all the time. With a master’s degree in social change, Caren is currently a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer with a passion for health and nutrition as well as entrepreneurship.

Now, let’s check out her pancake protein-mix:

  • Fats + carbs + protein = the perfect balance of macronutrients
  • Lessons from a bikini bodybuilding contest and the inspiration behind the recipe
  • The challenges of a vegan bodybuilder
  • Getting off grains and escaping sugar addiction
  • Treats and baked goods on a Paleo-friendly diet
  • The challenge of the modern-day hunter/gatherer: finding quick, easy, healthy food
  • The good things that make up the ProCake mix
  • Become the CEO of your own health

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High Protein Pancake Mix Made by ProCakes


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