Episode #29: Multivitamins and Supplements: Are They Really Beneficial?

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

You probably grew up taking your multivitamins everyday just like your parents told you, believing they’re good for you and can lengthen your life. Well, guess what? A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine talks about how your standard, synthetic multivitamins and supplements have no significant effect on your health and particularly on your cardiovascular condition. Results also show that the vitamins do not prevent mortality or help decrease disease risks.

But theres so much more to discuss about this issue. To understand it better, we talk with self-described health geek Ben Greenfield, an author, coach, speaker, Ironman and former bodybuilder. Ben is best known for his science-based approach to life and nutrition, and he works with a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, from athletes to CEOs, soccer moms and average individuals wanting their body to perform at peak capacity. You can find him on Twitter shedding light on topics and issues concerning health and fitness.

In this podcast:

  • The truth about multivitamins: Are they beneficial? Are they a waste of time? And can you find a good one?
  • The effects of taking synthetic, toxin- and chemical-filled vitamins
  • Diet, environment, physical activities, lifestyle and other factors that determine if you need extra micro-nutrients
  • Tips on finding high-quality multivitamins: third-party certification, ingredients review, testing sources
  • Navigating the worrisome world of supplements and seeing the unique position of Dr. Oz
  • Adaptogenic herbs explained: different uses from longevity to libido, performance, stress resilience and cortisol levels
  • A primer on how to use the pool for injury recovery
  • Is it good for women over 40 to go for intensive aerobic exercise?

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