Episode #30: The Healthy Way To Juicing And Detox

Juicing + detox is all the rage these days, and more and more people are turning to it as a way to fast weight loss. Although green juices with whole fiber included and that are cold pressed can work great for many individuals especially when it comes to getting rid of toxins, it does not necessarily and instantly get you in good shape. Its best to have a good understanding about detoxification to see how it can lead you to long-term health and wellness. Let’s welcome this week’s guest, Mary Vance, to understand more about detoxification.

Mary Vance is a holistic nutritionist practicing in the San Francisco Bay area with . She graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a Sociology & Philosophy double major. She also went to Bauman College in Berkeley and graduated as a Certified Nutrition Consultant in 2006. Ever since 2005, Mary has been working with private clients and leading workshops and webinars to share the message of real food diet and holistic health. Her mentors include Dr. Ed Bauman and Dr. Daniel Kalish.

Highlights of this episode:

Why say no to Master Cleanse
The 21-day program on how to detox the healthy way
Focusing on nutrient-rich whole foods: The plant-based food
The holistic model in food and lifestyle to minimize your bodys toxic exposure
The coffee controversy: Should you really need to give up your cup of joe? (Plus a yummy coffee concoction thats good for you)
Cutting back on alcohol consumption through detox: Why its right to quit cold turkey
How your wine can actually impact your weight, energy, sugar cravings and sleeping habit
Finding healthy skin care products and non-toxic cosmetics: Why your lotion should be (literally) good enough to eat
DIY natural shampoo and moisturizer recipes for beautiful hair and great skin without the chemicals

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