Episode #31: What’s Wrong With Your Metabolism, Body Fat And Calories?

It’s so easy to get off track and go back again and again and go find yourself back where you started.This often happens to people who have no clear understanding on the true state of their health and disassociate weight loss from body disorders. The truth is that a huge part of your weight problem has a lot to do with your digestive system.

Understanding your body better will help you identify the right ways to take care of it and eventually lose fat and restore your health.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution on how to reduce fat and lose weight since everyone has their own genetic makeup.

Take the information I have to share with you in this episode and use it to your advantge.

What is Insulin resistance and how can it develop into Type 2 Diabetes?
How to recognize Metabolic Syndrome: Spotting the indications
How a hydrostatic body fat test works
How the development of your lean muscle mass can help in burning calories
Fast metabolic rate but still fat? Your body is not using the energy from your food properly
Understanding the implications of leaky gut syndrome
Traditional path to fitness – restricting calories and long workouts
Restore the good bacteria in your gut by taking probiotics
Discover your individual issues through in-depth blood work panel
Improve liver function by changing what you eat
Dysfunction of the thyroid: Possible causes and solutions
Importance of an app like MyFitnessPal to adjust the kinds of food you are eating.
Emphasis on your digestive health: Some people may have serious gut dysfunction

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