Episode #32 How To Reduce Stress In Your Pursuit Of Weight Loss And Optimal Health

How To Reduce Stress In Your Pursuit Of Weight Loss And Optimal HealthSeveral factors can affect your health and you may find it hard to point out where the health problem is really coming from. This leads a lot of us to try different treatment methods to solve each and every issue, often to no avail. What most people don’t know is that most health problems can be linked to stress. Thus, only by approaching it through a whole-person perspective can you really achieve optimum health and wellness.

Our guests for this week’s episode, Dr. Daniel Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton from www.ephysiologix.com, will talk about neurofeedback and biofeedback for reducing stress, losing weight and changing the way you eat and live. Dr. Mickra Hamilton is the Director of Wellness at Synchronicity Wellness and owner and visionary of Source Harmonics.

Here are this episode’s highlights:

Optimized health through holistic healing, neurofeedback and biofeedback
Whole-person concept: Body, mind and spirit should be in balance
Examining the stress levels of an individual and formulating an individual stress profile
Using heart rate variability to check and understand stress levels
Stress as the biggest issue: Using the right tools that will benefit the body
Capnography and learning how the way you breathe affects your body condition
Finding a rabbit hole of health issues due to stress: The one thing that prevents you from achieving a higher state of wellness
Weight loss, better health.
Obesity as a symptom: Discovering the physiological and emotional roots of your weight issues
The advantages of fitness wear-ables and brain and activity tracker devices and how to stay independent from these technologies
No matter what you do, no sleep equals no progress.

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