Episode #34: Why Every Woman Should Embrace A Self-Love Mindset

Why Every Woman Should Embrace A Self-Love MindsetFor most women, everyday is a day where you are expected to be the perfect version of yourself for the people and the demands that await you whether at work, at school or in your very own home. And sure, you may look great and healthy but, are you really fit for all these responsibilities? We are expected to be the best wife, the best mother or the best nurturer in the workplace simply because we are women. But there are sacrifices to be made when we can’t afford to be anything but the best and most of the time the sacrifice impacts our health and well-being.

The problem with aiming for the best for other people is that we forget to do the same for ourselves. You could be looking healthy and happy but do you actually feel it? Is your body OK with all the stress and pressures that come along with your daily routine? If your answer is no, then this podcast is for you.

I talked with Linda Morrison, trainer , Life Coach and Health Educator for 22 years. She is also the author of the #1 International bestseller Live, love, Exercise: The Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss For Women Over 40. With a degree in womens studies and human movement, she is up-to-date and a registered professional on major fitness areas, including pre- and postnatal education, kettlebell training, and group exercise.

Highlights of the episode:

Lindas story: From being naturally athletic and energetic to running her health into the ground, and then becoming a health inspiration and having her best body at 42years of age.
Learn from your health issues: The lessons you get from your body
Embrace a self-love mindset and look after yourself first NO excuses
Go ahead and ask for it! Creating a cycle of love and nurturing for yourself so you can love and nurture others, too
Do all the right things and your body will do all the right things by you
Overweight people are often sleep-deprived The magic formula for weight loss and an absolute health necessity is quality sleep.
Success requires a plan: Why you need to keep your own health file
Give yourself permission: One way to avoid food you shouldn’t have
How choosing to choose gives you confidence and control
Exercise tips for people who are just starting with their weight loss journey
Why strength training is incredibly important and the habits you can cultivate to inspire you to get the job done

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Book:Live, love, Exercise: The Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss For Women Over 40.



Body Transformation Program:http://bit.ly/liveloveexercise


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