Episode #36 How To Get Your Fitness Journey Started With Physical Therapy And Exercises

One topic I get a lot of questions about is exercise. You may be just starting out. You may have neglected your routine and want to work on your fitness again. Or you may be just like me someone who had suffered from joint and bone injuries but still wants to pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle. What I’ve learned from my experience is that for most conditions that may be preventing you from exercising, there’s a solution that you can find especially with the help of the right healthcare practitioners and professional trainers.

Also in this podcast, I’m going to share to you my personal story on physical therapy. I learned how it is more than just getting a body massage to relieve stress and pain in your joints and muscles. You actually need to go through a series of workouts using some helpful tools. Get to know more about these tools as I give you some tips on doing specific programs which will help alleviate your injuries.

Highlights of this podcast:

First steps to take before taking up exercise: How to avoid injury or prevent existing conditions from worsening with physical activity
Get yourself checked up: Recommendations on finding doctors’ networks
Busting my personal myths on physical therapy (Hint: Its more than massages and its not so expensive after all)
My biggest problem: Shoulder pain and how it got solved through PT
How to relieve stiffness and soreness with the use of foam rollers and acupressure balls
Got foot, leg or hip injury? What the Stepping Program or 10,000 steps a day can do for you
Swimming pool workout: Regular exercises you can do in the pool thats gentle for your joints
The Eccentric Workout: Get incredible strength by doing down stroke lifting (Note: If you have been injured, get a trainer)
Why I like spin bikes for Interval training, plus additional workout tip on using inversion tables for headstands and handstands
Fitness devices: The benefits of using kettlebells and resistance bands, and comparing actual walking versus using the treadmill

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Foam Rollers

Eccentric Exercise

Stepping program DVD T-Tap DVD



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