Episode #37: Free Yourself And Be The Best That You Can Be

You know, sometimes, you could be your own worst enemy. The decisions we make for ourselves with regard to our present and future, plans and achievements and of course, health and fitness would reflect our character. The moment you lose balance in what you do and where you are with the challenges you are going through, you may end up doing yourself more harm than good.

You must harness your own potential to be the best that you could be. This is what Richard Nikoley stands for in his book and blog, Free The Animal. Free The Animal: How To Lose Weight And Fat On The Paleo Diet encourages you to free yourself in order for you to reach your best in all the things that you do. The blog touches on weight issues and more to help you get a better understanding your current lifestyle and what your lifestyle could be.

Richard and I will share with you some of our personal experiences and successes when it comes to body and health issues.

Free Yourself And Be The Best That You Can Be

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Free The Animal – Why the book was written and updated
Paleo is not a fad diet: Unlocking the truth behind paleo
Paleo as a framewrork- You can change it!
Alternative to killing animals for food
People have to adopt paleo to their own situation
Good health is natural and is not a drug-induced state
Design the paleo template according to what works for you
Get the balance right: Heal your gut
You need fermentable fibers: Fresh fruit and fruit powder
Artificial sweeteners cause insulin-resistance and glucose intolerance
Dairy Do or Don’t?
On restricting your diet: Never say never
Atkins Low Carb VS Paleo
Finding resources for farmers’ markets

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  1. Hi Melissa:

    Thanks for the opportunity to chat.

    Let me clarify a couple of things from your introduction just to keep everything on the up & up.

    I didn’t actually retire from the Navy. It was an 8-year deal and then I got out and was an entrepreneur since (1992).

    In terms of readership, it’s about 200-250K page views per month and 100-150 individual visits. Wish it was per week. :)

    Thanks again. Enjoyable conversation. Looking forward to round 2 sometime in the future.


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