Episode #38 Food As The Ultimate Answer To Restoring Your Health

Food As The Ultimate Answer To Restoring Your HealthWomen are made to believe, that we must lose weight in order to look good. Well, our guest for this week’s episode will tell you that it is never your body’s priority to lose weight. Beverley Meyer, a Natural Health practitioner, blogger, podcaster, animal lover and a funny person, has been recognized for her “Outstanding contribution as a wellness facilitator for the Southern Region of the United States”.

In the previous podcast episodes, we have talked about choosing health and fitness over weight loss particularly if you not only want to look good, but also feel good. We have learned through these episodes the keys to weight loss does not revolve around exercising first and restricting diet.

Unlike most of the previous podcasts though, Beverley and I talk more about the leaky gut syndrome, hormonal problems and other body issues many people fail to recognize in themselves. Beverly believes as, I do, that food is the ultimate answer to restoring health.

Listen on and learn more:

It is not your body’s priority to lose weight
How Candida can contribute to leaky gut
The motto? Food first!
Water weight: For any infection creates congested lymph
On why you should avoid sweets
Estrogen and Progesterone and how excess hormones can prevent weight loss
Is Soy really good and healthy for you? How high Cortisol can affect you?
The starting point: Remove anything that causes you harm
The diet for human beings: The Paleo diet
Fat-phobic? Know why you need to eat more fat
Food as the ultimate answer to restoring your health

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Podcast:Primal Diet Modern Health podcast

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