Episode #39 Listen To Your Heart: How To Achieve Wellness And Positivity Through Inner Balance

Listen To Your Heart: How To Achieve Wellness And Positivity Through Inner BalanceDid you know that what happens during the day affects you at night? The primary reason why we find it hard to relax and sleep when nighttime comes is the stressful day that we just went through. Stress and lack of sleep, as well all know it, usually results in individuals getting sick and injured, losing performance and gain weight. It is crucial for us to know how to manage stress, particularly our emotional response to it.

Our guest for this week’s podcast is Catherine Calarco, Chief of Sales and Marketing at HeartMath, an institute that provides a wide range of unique services, products, and technology to boost performance, productivity, health and well-being while radically reducing stress.

Catherine is a highly recognized MIT Graduate and sought-after speaker and has presented numerous papers and lectured around and across the globe at many conferences and universities including; Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), MIT Sloan School of Management, Digital Health San Francisco, Mobile Health Expo New York, American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, Aging in America Conference, and the MIT Angel Investors Group. Catherine was also a featured speakers at the Digital Health Summit at the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show.

Learn how you can achieve inner balance by using the right tools, techniques and perspectives that lead to a more positive lifestyle, a healthier body and a state of love, gratitude and peace.

In this podcast:

Studying the brain-mind connection and helping people manage their emotional response to stress.
Positive change inside and out: How better health and well-being leads to a better community and a better world.
Understanding how heart rate variability can help you find inner balance and operate in grace and empowerment.
The secret tool that will help you gain competitive edge: Manage stress, increase energy, get good sleep, and achieve healthy weight loss
Every program is personal: Learn to optimize your training and exercise according to what’s right for you.
Here’s a thought: The heart sends five times more information to the brain than the other way around. That’s why it’s helpful to consult your heart to manage your energy
What happens during the day affects you at night.
Inner Balance and EmWave: iOs and Android apps and devices to improve your wellness through training, education and self-monitoring.

Links for this episode:

Website: http://www.heartmath.org/

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