Episode #41 Changing How You Look By Changing How You Think

Changing How You Look By Changing How You ThinkWe are on our 41st episode this week and just  when  you thought that there was nothing more to learn about fitness and weight loss especially for women above 40, you will discover more and more tips and tools from experts in the field. However, one thing to remember is that even if we follow the best tips and acquire the right tools, we can never change how we look and live unless we start changing how we think.

Dean Dwyer, author of the book Make Shift Happen: Change How You Look By Changing How You Think, is my guest in this episode. We talk about the different mindsets that we have regarding food and exercise, and how our way of thinking directly affects how we live our lives.

Highlights of the episode:

Change how you look: Transformation is a result of what we do and how we think
Outsourcing your food? How you can change your relationship with food
How I found an alternative to joint replacement surgery
When more isn’t better: The disadvantages of going to the extreme
Be your own expert: Discarding what doesn’t work for you
The turning point for Dean in his own quest
An effective mindset when going through your mini-challenges with “food bullies”
Navigating awkward and difficult food situations: Choosing to live big
It’s a dynamic, fascinating journey: A quick-fix solution doesn’t exist
Realizing how you can’t force  change in your body and finding a sustainable solution

Discovering your purpose and finding your personal philosophy on problem solving
Willpower as a mindset: Setting a plan in place
How do you handle cravings and cheat days?
The bigger picture: Changing not just your health, but also the life you’re living

Links for this episode:


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