Episode #44 Stand Up Kids

Episode #44  Standing Up Against Too Much Sitting This week  my guest is Juliet Starrett, co-founder, with her Husband Kelly and CEO of  the MobilityWOD in San Francisco, which is a  CrossFit gym and learning center. Juliet is a lifelong athlete and had a successful career as a lawyer specializing in complex commercial litigation at Reed Smith for almost eight years. She served 5 years on the Board of Girl Ventures, empowering girls through outdoor experiences, and is the co-founder of Liquid Kayak Camp, bringing HIV+ teens to the American River for a week of community and whitewater kayaking instruction. She  also was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award For Public Service, known as the “Nobel Prize for public service” in 2007.

In this episode, we talk about Stand Up Kids, an organization and a program designed to help children improve their health while at school. Listen to what she has to say regarding the program that has gained so much popularity among parents and kids alike.One small change and deliver so many benefits in the way kids learn and in their health.

Get to know  www.Stand Up Kids. org
The perils of sitting all day: What causes orthopedic dysfunctions in professional athletes?
1 standing desk = 33 marathons? Check out the real score on helping kids fight obesity
Treating and preventing orthopedic issues in kids: The real public health intervention is to get kids to stand up
Tracking the results from switching to stand-up desks in a class: Not just physical but also mental benefits of a movement-rich learning environment
Stuck with sitting? Making the best of mandatory sitting and strategies that get you moving
Feedback from parents: Seeing stand-up desks as an elegant, effective solution
Working with Donors Choose.org and helping public school teachers meet classroom needs
Fighting childhood obesity with the help of stand-up desks
Serious and lengthy data that proves the healthful impact of standing desks

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