Episode #45: The Key to permanent fat loss: Rehabilitate body’s cells

FatToFitDrAnthonyWeinertThe primary goal of my podcast is to share with you the techniques and strategies that I have learned in my quest to restore my health and improve my fitness. I have been to several seminars and conferences and met many experts who have shared with me the methods they are using to achieve optimal health.

My guest today is Robyn Benson, founder of Santa Fe Soul ,Center for Optimal Health ,and pioneer of the Self-Care Revolution, which “aims to transform lives and healthcare, one person at a time.” Dr. Benson’s transformational journey as a doctor of Oriental medicine learning from indigenous people in more than 70 countries has inspired her approach to self-care, and motivated her to continue applying her extensive knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and advanced energy medicine to help patients become healthy and stay healthy.

Dr. Benson is a mother, an adventure enthusiast, a world traveler, an author and speaker championing holistic healthcare. Listen in as we talk about the theory and facts behind Magnetic Resonance Therapy which is now becoming  popular among athletes and individuals recovering from injuries and illnesses.

A primary key to permanent fat loss: is to  Rehabilitate your whole body, starting with your internal systems.
Get to know more about MRS, magnetic resonance therapy, it’s  ancient origins and new applications.  How electric frequencies can effect and heal your body.
Mimicking nature through technology: Using the magnetic resonance field to make under-functioning cells get well – a  transformation can take only 8 minutes
Keep the electrical charge of cells high through hydration, exercise and MRT.
Inflammation, how it’s related to cancer and stress, and  how to reduce it.
How to create a clean, healthy zone in your bedroom to enable deeper REM sleep and re-tune your sleep cycle even while traveling
MRS and PMF technology as the core to keeping your health in an optimal state

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