Episode #47: Depression, Body Image and Fat Loss What You Need To Know

Episode #47: Achieving Health And Weight Loss By Facing Weight Struggles

For people with body image and weight struggles, the path to weight loss isn’t exactly a smooth and easy one. In fact, every day is a battle. You have to deal with the restrictions imposed by the diet industry and the frustrations that come along with failing to make healthy choices. Often, this leads to depression. Those who have tried so hard and have gotten it so wrong usually get depressed in the process. After being guided by the fitness and diet industry messages many people fail over and over and then, they point their finger at food –  thinking that food is the enemy.

Our guest for this week’s podcast is a firm believer that although everyone has a relationship with food, healthy people have healthy relationship with food. And, it takes nurturing that relationship and simple but proper exercise programs plus group accountability to achieve healthier lifestyle and ultimately, weight loss. This week’s guest is Amy Clover, founder of the StrongInsideOut.com, will share with us her experiences how  best to go through weight loss and body image struggles.

Amy was diagnosed with clinical depression and she has very interesting story to tell you about it and just how the depression has led her to have a thriving, healthy life today.

Amy’s health and eating habits a few years ago
On eating disorders: It is a battle every day
The restrictive mentality brought by the diet industry
How to address clinical depression
The power of small changes: Doing little things consistently
10,000 steps and other simple exercise programs to get you further
Strong Inside Out Bootcamp: Because minds and bodies are meant to be active
What is more motivational than wanting to do more?
Different programs and group memberships you can join

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