Episode #49 Start The New Year Right And Make it Your Best Year Ever

Fitness and Food tips

Start The New Year Right

This week is a good time to plan out the year ahead. What you want; what you hope to achieve and why. I have two great guests who will help you think and plan for the year that is about to unfold.

Why not make it your best year ever and improve your health, get rid of some unwanted fat, and generally enjoy life more! The Baley body team is going to have some recommendations to help you be successful this year, so listen in and take some notes lots of great tips in this year end episode.

How do people start to change what they eat?
Where fat loss barrier comes in
Your taste buds and what your body wants change when you get healthier
How to handle social pressure when on diet
Tulsy tea to lower your Cortisol level and get you ready to sleep
On using natural sweeteners and battling with insulin resistance
Diet as the fundamental for weight loss; Supplementation as the side factor
Importance of food sensitivity tests and simple inflammation tests
Gluten-free diet is not a fad

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