Episode #50: Essential Oils And Herbs For Fat Loss And Health Learn How You Can Use Them

Episode #50: Become More Empowered This 2015 Through Integrated Healing And Nutrition

There are many tools that can help you lose fat and restore your health. Today we are going to discuss healthful herbs and oils as well as something called tapping, which can help mitigate pain and stress.

My guest for this episode is Dr. Janae Devika,  speaker, holistic chef, health and nutrition coach, and author. She has over 16 years of experience as a herbalist, massage therapist, meridian tapping coach and essential oils practitioner. She is also the creator of Café Janae, a health and wellness company that focuses on therapeutic nutrition and stress management to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

In this podcast, learn more about self-care as Dr. Janae’s expertise and experience in integrative healing and nutrition help you become more empowered this 2015.

Highlights of this episode:

Is your lifestyle making your sick? 95% of illnesses are induced by stress, diet and your way of life
Fall in love with healthy food and learn to eat well: Having fun and practicing self-care through food
Not yet ready to give up your processed favorites? Strategies to find healthier, plant-based, nutrient dense versions
Making a decision: Choosing to say “no for now,” being satisfied with less and saving money along the way
A clear explanation to understand nutrient density better
Go healthy and live frugally with the “peasant diet”
What are essential oils and how can you use them to enhance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing?
Assembling your essential oil first aid kit: What to include
Achieving emotional and physical health through meridian tapping
The power and usefulness of massage therapy
Tips on getting and giving inexpensive but effective massages


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