Episode #54: How To Keep Moving Forward With Your New Life Style Choices

Episode #52: How To Keep On Making Changes And Moving Forward With Your New ChoicesFinally, after years and possibly decades  you have decided to make a change with your lifestyle. But just when you are almost there, things start to become overwhelming for you. The people around you and the circumstances that you’re in are preventing you from making steady progress.Kelly Covert talks about this process and how women can get through it successfully.

Kelly is my guest in this week’s podcast. She is the co-founder of Strong Body Whole Heart serving as a visionary and coach with the primary mission of helping and inspiring those seeking whole body health ;through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation.

In this episode, learn how you can achieve the life that you want by making small changes and reinforcing your choices.


A tiny shift towards making a lifestyle and diet change
Got the “I can’t do it” mindset? Moving toward your authentic voice
Review your wins, give yourself credit and find your cheerleaders to focus on the positive
Taking away the notion of good foods and bad foods
Understanding the gluten-free diet and processed foods
Living by default? We can control how we want life to happen!
Taking some real quite time and nourishing your soul
Finding practical tools to help you stay focused
When choosing new things: Find things that nurture and support you in your journey to restore your health.

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