Episode #55: Managing Pain Without Drugs Pluse Electro Magnetic Therapy

Episode #55: The Value Of Daily And Home-Based Use Of Magnetic TherapyFattoFitmyquest.com encourages you to become the CEO of your own health. The previous podcasts are all about empowering you with the knowledge, tools and expert help that you need to take care of yourself. There are numerous ways you can achieve your fitness goals; alternatives that do not make you rely solely on medical practitioners and prescriptions to heal diseases, relieve pain or recover from injuries.

Among these alternatives is the Pulse Electro Magnetic Field system, also called PEMF. What exactly is PEMF and how can it help people suffering from chronic pain? My guest for this week’s podcast is Dr. William Pawluk will tell you more about it. Dr. Pawluk is a Board-Certified Family Physician and has training in Acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and bodywork. He also had academic appointments at a number of universities including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. For more than 22 years, he has been a national expert in the medical use of electromagnetics and energy medicine. He conducts research on the use of electromagnetic systems and teaches practitioners. in Baltimore, MD Dr. Pawluk practices Holistic/Preventive Medicine focusing on nutrition, cholesterol, wellness, hormone balancing, detoxification, thyroid function and pain management in Baltimore, Maryland.

Learn more about magnetic therapies:

Understanding the body’s magnetic fields
Electrosmog – The ‘bad’ electromagnetic fields
On producing and designing a magnetic field system
How SomaPulse® therapy help you in recovering from injuries
Preventing anti-aging caused by physiological setbacks
Decrease inflammation and enhance muscle function through PEMF
You don’t want to cook your head. Provide your body a balancing signal.
Avoid drug addiction and use magnetic fields instead for curing pain
Importance of daily and home-based use of magnetic therapy

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