Episode #56 The Food Babe, Talks About What’s in the Food We Eat Everyday


Fattofit Vani Hari


Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, is a vocal advocate for better labeling and quality in the foods we eat here in the United States. She has successfully challenged corporate giants like McDonalds,Subway, and Kraft Foods to make changes for the better in the ingredients they use in their products. She spotlights the use of GMOs ;or genetic modified organisms in our food supply and questions why this practice is needed and why more research has not been conducted to determine the long term effects on humans.Her new book The Food Babe Way,goes on sale February 12, 2015, get a sneak peak of what’s in it on today’s show and learn how to get a free copy of her new book.




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The Food Babe Way Book

The Food Babe Way Book

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