Episode #60: Looking At ‘The Calorie Myth’ With Jonathan Bailor


calorie myth

What is the key to health success, and how can you unlock your potential for weight loss? Despite what many believe, could counting calories be hindering your diet and distracting you from true healthy living? We speak to Jonathan Bailor, author of ‘The Calorie Myth’ and founder of SANESolution.com, about the implications of the obesity epidemic and the issues that are holding us all back. A respected writer, developer and weight loss advocate, Jonathan has the backing of top doctors and scientists with his new health-focused publication.

With a massive obesity¬†crisis on the horizon, weight loss needs to be tackled not as a vanity issue but as a health issue. Jonathan tells us how his ‘quality not quantity’ approach addresses the balance of healthy living and the need for all-round reform in attitude. We sit down to tackle the issues facing dieters and the personal obstacles which need to be overcome, developing a holistic approach to the issue at hand and promoting a healthy living strategy that lasts long after the desired effect has been achieved. How does eccentric exercise fit into your ideal health plan, and how can you balance great food with proper energy use? Find out more in our podcast.

Listen in to this week’s episode and see how the advice Jonathan and Melissa give could transform your own approach to healthy living. Get involved with the conversation here: send us your comments and stories.

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