Episode #62 – Getting Started With Fat Loss

get started fat lossWe all have concerns about our health and our weight, but getting started on the road to weight loss can be difficult and it’s easy to find yourself going down the wrong path. In this week’s episode, Melissa discusses what to consider before starting on your own weight loss journey, and how to set yourself up for success.

Could trying too much, too soon be letting you down? Consider making positive changes in the short term and cutting out some harmful food groups which are common barriers to successful fat loss and health improvement, while also introducing supplements to rebuild and rebalance your body. We discuss the effects of caffeine, gluten, alcohol and processed sugars, the alternatives available and how cutting out these products for just fourteen days could cause a significant improvement in your health, energy levels and brainpower.

Let us help you make those important first steps to finding the newer, fitter you. Listen in to this week’s episode now, and follow the links below to find more information about all of the issues tackled.


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Melissa Curtis:    Hey everybody, Melissa Curtis here. Thank you so much for tuning in to the program today. And also, a big ‘thank you’ for those who have left us ratings and reviews in ITunes. And also, we’re giving away, as I say we still have one of the Fitness wristbands to give away. So if you’d like to be automatically entered to win that, we also have Jonathan Bailor’s book, the Calorie Myth to give away, and we’re going to have more goodies coming up.

So, if you don’t win, and you have left us a rating or review, you’ll be automatically entered to win a ‘whatever’ the giveaway is coming up. And we, as I say, we do have some goodies coming up, so, might want to get entered to win some of the things. We’re going to have more books and of course, more gear.

So, if you need to know how to do that, I put a link on the show notes, you can go right from your – if you have a Podcatcher that catches your podcast, you can click right in the shownotes from your mobile device. If you’re listening on iPod, iPhone or other device, you can usually click right through. Otherwise, just go to the podcast page on fattofitmyquest.com/podcasts, and you’ll see a whole list of show notes, and also transcripts showing everything we’ve talked about. And there will be direct links to get to what you want to get to and more information from the notes.

Okay. Now, today’s program, It’s just you and me. And I wanted to take this opportunity to spend a little time focusing on a question I get asked almost every day. And that is to say meet people and talk with people I already know. A lot of people are really interested to know how to get started on restoring their health and of course, losing the fat.

They’re amazed by some of the things I tell them. They’re just dumbstruck. And if I was in their shoes I would be too because, it just didn’t seem at all reasonable to me, when I was evaluating my results even after the first few weeks.

So, I want to just focus on what I tell people and if you’re thinking about getting started, restoring your health, trying to get pain-free maybe from old injuries, trying to lose fat like everybody is or get in better shape and getting a better state of fitness, I’m going to just review what I’ve learned in summary and what I tell people that want to get started, because the biggest thing people still have to overcome in this process is the “Brainwashing” as I call it, that the fitness and weight loss industry has pretty much perpetuated on people through all media over the last decades of time.

And even since television began, I’m thinking before that radio, these claims of eat less, exercise more, use this new device, blah blah blah. And it really appeals to people because it’s looking at doing a short period of time, really restricting yourself or really focusing on killing yourself in the gym, where you, you’ll get a lasting lifetime result. And the truth of that is, it’s just not going to happen. And if you’re someone who knows that better than anyone, that’s me because as I’ve mentioned, if you go back to episode one “Become the CEO of your own Health”, which is what I always say, you’ll see that I pretty much over the decades have tried all these devices, things, programs, weight loss things and they just have never, never yielded lasting results.

In addition to that, they have damaged my health and really destroyed my body to a point where, as my performance doctor said when we got going, “Some of these things we may be able to recover from a little bit, but we’re probably not going to see maximum results for yourself because there’s too much damage here”. Now, I’m happy to report that I’ve actually maximized my results.

Now, I want to take a moment to remind you that I’m not a medical practitioner of any kind and so, when you are going to embark on a new program of health and fitness, you do want to talk with your medical professional, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to have issues with any of the things I say here except for the fact that they may want to use more medications and things like that which will, just what they indicate, they will mitigate the symptoms of something you have. Whereas, I’m really focusing on getting rid of the problem forever, which is in most cases a severe amount of inflammation in your body which is resulting in these problems that you’re having of either fat lost, or skin issues, or on and on and on down the line.

So, how do you get to start it? So as I’ve said, “I’m not a medical professional”, but I’m going to tell you some of the things that I recommend because the attitude going back just a couple of sentences ago, here are the attitude of most people and it was my attitude too for decades is, “I’m going to dive into this full blast and then just do everything and in thirty days or fourteen days, or three months, it will all be over and I can go back to doing what I was doing”. And unfortunately that’s not the case, but the good news is, it’s a lot easier than you think to fix some of these issues, but it really takes a different way of looking at your situation. And this is what a lot of people just aren’t used to, it’s not how they’ve been taught from, and when I say “taught”, It’s not taught from usually medical professionals, but It’s been, as I say a brainwash from what’s been sold on in the marketing messages of many of these other industries and including the food industry I might say, the processed food industry.

So, again, you have to take a look at, you’re going to be changing basically the way you conduct yourself daily. And you’re going to get out of the mindset of “All or nothing, jumping to the deep end of the pool, and after you hold your breath for a few minutes, you’ll pop out and everything will be cool”. So, if you can look at it as a one step of a time project, I think that’s the most efficient.  And what a lot of people try to do again is trying to do too many things at once.

Now, before I actually got started in earnest, I had already taken a few steps to reduce my exposure to both gluten and sugar. And I’m going to put a link in the show notes for a series of video presentations by some of the leading doctors and scientist, talking about just these things, gluten and sugar.

Now, a lot of you may be following along that gluten has become this big CAL cerebral over everywhere and a whole industry has developed, promoting gluten-free products. And I would just remind you that that’s a diversion, that a lot of the gluten-free products may be more irritating to your system than gluten is. And some people who haven’t quite understood what the debate about gluten is, it really focuses on how wheat has changed over the last forty to fifty years. And it’s been modified and developed into a very high production crop that can be produced in vast quantities, so that it can be exported to other countries that don’t even have enough food. Now for us, what happened is, it’s become highly irritating to our bodies because the body can’t break down what’s coming in.

Again, I have a link in the show notes that will take you over to some video presentations of doctors and scientists, talking about this and how this actually works. But it makes a lot of sense and when you think how much gluten we’ve been trained to consume in cereals, in pastas, in breads, and gluten that you don’t recognize that you’re consuming in salad dressings and sauces. If you go to the store, I would challenge you to come out with two items that don’t have gluten in them. It’s been added to everything as a filler.

Now, is it all bad? It is highly irritating to your system, because your system can’t really digest it completely and what eventually happens is it begins to disrupt your digestion, and what doctors talk about is a leaky cut or where particles of food are actually leaking into your blood stream and causing inflammation.

Now, this is a hard one for people to give up because we’ve been conditioned to love pasta, potatoes, French fries. It’s a whole another subject, French fries, but gluten is kind of foods. And I had already pretty much given up gluten when I got started so I was well down that path.

Now, what I would suggest if you’re going to give it up like I said I would go completely gluten-free and not dabble in the gluten-free product realm. The reason I say that is when I did a food sensitivity test, I found that I was highly reactive to the gluten-free foods more so than to gluten itself. And, so, I would recommend that you, as I say just stay away from it and try to do some other substitutes. Now, a lot of the, Paleo community which I’m a big fan of those guys, and the Ancestral community have a ton of recipes using non-glutinous products to make things, bake goods and things like that.

So, I’ll put some links in the show notes to some of my favorite books and blogs, and they have a ton of free recipes and stuffs. So I would consult those and line up a few recipes to try to do that.

So, the next biggest element, actually there’s three, but, the next biggest one is processed sugar, and again, like gluten it’s in everything. And you wouldn’t think it is, but it’s by so many different names, the corn syrup, the rice bran syrup, the soy syrup, all these things. And it’s in every, almost every processed food. And by processed food I mean anything that comes in a box, a bag, or a can that isn’t a whole real food that you would purchase like at a farmer’s market or at a market where it hasn’t been processed. It’s just there for you to enjoy.

So, sugar is a huge one and last year, I’ve spoken about this many times in the podcast, and other places. A study came out. I think it was the University of Connecticut which did a study, which showed that the sugar in Oreo cookies was more addictive than cocaine. Because it actually causes an addictive reaction in your brain that makes you crave sugar, and that’s one of the reasons why when you’re on a conventional, “diet”, your willpower just disappears, because you’re craving that sugar, your brain is wanting it, more and more. So, you find yourself getting frustrated and finally you give up and eat the donut, or the cupcake, or whatever it is. You just have this overwhelming craving for sweets, and that’s been built up over time.

So that’s a real tough one to overcome. And what I would suggest is substituting some fruits like some berries, I would recommend, some of fruits can be very high in sugar as well.

Now the third one, this can be a problem. So you may want to just do this in a “Half measure” as I would call it. And that’s caffeine. A lot of people on this caffeine-sugar highway, which is, can be super destructive. And I know and I was certainly in this place; I could not survive without my morning caffeine. And if you give up caffeine cold turkey all at once, you can go for real roller coaster ride. And if you do sugar, gluten and caffeine all at once, you may crash terrifically.

What I would suggest is maybe you transition to a caffeine-free coffee or tea, or go with the green tea if you like that. But I would definitely try to reduce your caffeine exposure, and the period to try all these stuff is maybe a fourteen-day period, and just see how you feel, you may feel rather unwell at the beginning as you start to drop these foods, but as you go forward at the end, and each day, I would also recommend you keep a little notebook to yourself.

You can use notepad on your phone, or on your laptop or whatever or just a pencil and paper and a little notebook. And just mark down, how are you feeling and then go back and look as you go. And I would do this for fourteen days. But those three are big, big things which can be causing stress in your body and creating massive inflammation, which results in dysregulation of your body’s functioning systems. And these systems aren’t basically hormones. Now everybody throws up their hands and says, “Oh hormones, I don’t want to hear about that. Oh that’s ridiculous, there’s nothing happening there.” But on the reality side of that, actually they’re what, regulate your body and actually help it heal or don’t help it heal. And the dysregulation of your hormones can be caused by gluten, sugar, caffeine and a whole bunch of other things. And that creates the inflammation, which then results in diseases or problems such as high blood pressure, dysregulated cholesterol, lack of minerals that you need in your body to process basically what you’re eating. And a lot of processed foods can actually draw those minerals, they’re devoid of them. So you’re actually aren’t getting the minerals and vitamins you need.

So, how to change your eating? The way to change your eating is what I would recommend it, it’s just two simple steps and that is just try to eat real whole foods. So I would go with organic vegetables, and I would also go with grass-fed, or pastured meats, or wild fish. Now, it’s just fourteen days, so it’s not going to break the bank if you try this. And I would just put those down as my main sources of food. For snacks, some seeds and nuts, not too many, but a handful here and there if you need them.

Some of the supplements that can really help out to get your body systems up and running fast and get them healing at a really rapid rate are a couple of things that you’ve probably already heard about but they’re very helpful and they work to me.

The first one is the pro-biotic and that’s one of the first things I started and you’re going to find those on Amazon prescript assist as a good one you can get off Amazon. I’ll put a link to the show notes to it.

You can also find them at your health food store. Some of the better ones are refrigerated and they need to be kept refrigerated so that the bacteria in there are alive and well and ready to jump in and help out.

What this does is it goes into your digestive system and kills off the bad bacteria and promotes the good. What most people that are getting started at this stage have as I say is what’s called leaky gut, where the gut has become permeable and a lot of food particles are leaking out into the blood stream and causing inflammation and other problems.

The pro-biotic helps to get the good bacteria going and helps to get the process of the digestive system back on track. Now, something that’s also very healing is an “El Glutamine” powder which you can dissolve in water and that also helps heal the digestive system. That’s little extra add-on for people.

The next thing is a good multi-vitamin. Again, you can go on Amazon and Foreign FXS. A good one is called “Pickmins.” I’ll put a link in the show notes. I don’t get paid by them or I’m not endorsing them. I’m just saying that that’s a good one. I’ve used it before. But a good multi-vitamin because you are definitely, if you’ve been in the processed food eating diet for many years or decades, your body is definitely devoid of the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Now, the next two ones are pretty universal from all the studies I’ve read recently and that is Magnesium and D3 or vitamin D3. Almost everybody is devoid of these and I know in my blood panels, I was like zero practically. The vitamin D wasn’t quite as bad but magnesium was way under what it should be. You can get Magnesium in capsule form again from Amazon or you can use a drink called “naturalcom.” Again, you can get that on Amazon. You’d dissolve it in water. It’s kind of like a powdered drink. It tastes fine. I like to take that in the afternoon and it’s very easy to do. It’s very inexpensive. You get a little package to it. Vitamin D3 1000IU of that, I recommend the pure brand. Again, you can probably find that Amazon. It’s very good. Again, it helps you to restore your level of Vitamin D3 which is really necessary to get your body functioning properly.

Now, the next big one is fish oil. A lot of people have heard all sorts of things about fish oil. It’s good. It’s bad. It is good. It’s definitely good. It’s going to help you with the anti-oxidants. It’s going to help you to again restore and heal your body.

Now, the ones I like are the liquid ones which are very high-quality. There are two of them out there which most of the high-level people in fitness like triathletes and people that are training use ones called “Carlsons.” Fish oil, again you can find it out in Amazon or your health food store and the other one is “Barlin’s fish oil.”

The thing about the Barlin’s is it comes in a bunch of different flavors. It’s very tasty; easy to take, it doesn’t taste like fish oil. It doesn’t have any after taste, tastes really delicious. There are a couple of flavors there that tastes like pie. Basically, there’s a K-lime and I think the mango or something. It’s like just having a slice of K-lime pie so it’s really easy to do. But if you take those each day, it will give you the recommendation or choose additionally 2 or 3 tables or teaspoons I should say or table spoon. Again, that will help the healing begin.

So what I would recommend is just try this for 14 days and see how you feel and keep a little notebook of how things are going day to day. But what’s probably going to happen for you; number one is as you come off the complete caffeine, high and rev up that it gives you, you’re going to find yourself being a little bit calmer and a little bit more thoughtful which is always good in this world of mindless screens everywhere; of TV, telephone, laptop, computer. Everywhere is a screen that’s sending you message and creating some sort of anxiety.

So you’ll find that you’re getting a little bit more mindful as you come off the caffeine but you still have that kind of coffee-like taste and experience that you like if you do in a decaf coffee.

Now, the gluten and sugar, that’s going to be the hard one, I think you’re really going to crave the breads, pastas, the “glutteny” things, the crackers and all that stuff. So, good thing to replace is using like a crudité of vegetables. I know that people hate that but like some carrots and sour and stuff and maybe create a some sort of nut butter like an almond butter. If you’re not allergic to almonds, I would say stay away from peanut butter because so many people have allergies to that. They don’t realize so I would use maybe an almond butter, organic almond butter, spray some souring nickel snack for yourself in moderation because that can be also too much of a good thing can cause some disruption. But make some little snacks of that if you need to.

Now, if you’re someone who is not sure how bad their digestive system in their body is, but you have things like high blood pressure, problem with cholesterol, maybe some arthritic issues, I think you will notice distinctly that aches and pains from arthritic issues will start to dissipate when you stop consuming gluten.

Universally, everyone I’ve talked to has noticed that and they are amazed but it has been tied to cause or creating aches and pains and aggravating arthritic areas in your body. And I should know because I have osteoarthritis in my shoulder, my wrists and my foot. So I’m all about the osteoarthritis.

Now, down the road, there are other things you can do if you listen to some of the podcast you’ll know that I actually had amazing results from using something called “eccentric training” to rehabilitate my shoulder, wrist and my knee. I don’t need any pain medications and I have great use of that great and have improved my strength considerably in my shoulder and my wrist so that I’m able to do most everything. In fact, it’s not really consideration of daily life like it used to be.

The other thing I think you’ll notice is as the sugar kind of dies away that your cravings for sweet things will diminish.

Now, two sweeteners that everyone recommends in the health side of the community and I would recommend them but with some caveats or if you want a sweetened for instance, tea or coffee or something are Stevia which is a natural sweetener and xylitol is also a natural sweetener.

The two caveats, Stevia can be aggravating to some people and it’s very potent. You only need a little drop of it to sweeten something. So I would go at Stevia very carefully and I would be careful not to put like a whole three or four droppers full. It comes with a dropper container and that’s for a reason into any food or drink because it could cause issues for you.

The other one is xylitol and I would not get xylitol which is again a natural substance from birch bark. I would not get any foreign source xylitol, like xylitol from china. Sorry about that, China. I just don’t trust it.

I would make sure it’s a US brand that you’re purchasing and it’s been made and manufactured in the US. Again, with this, a lot of people will get diarrhea from this because it’s just a whole different animal that their body isn’t used to. So you might want to go at this very gently at first and test it out.

It can be really helpful in baked products if you’re doing some non-gluten baked products, paleo brownies or muffins and things like that. I’ll get up on links in the show notes to some of those recipes. They like to use xylitol. That can be fine, but if you put it in a drink or something like that to sweeten it, you want to be careful and test it out first so you don’t have an adverse reaction to it. And again, make sure that those are US manufacturers that are doing it. And those can help lessen the sugar craving.

And then, as I mention, transition to maybe some sort of organic berries. Again, you don’t need these things in great quantity, you’ll see that as you go forward eating real foods, a lot of people will say “how much would I eat and when should I eat?” if you’re eating real whole foods, you don’t really need to worry about how much. You would just eat until you’re satisfied.

Now, for some people, they need to think about that because they’re used to just kind of shoving stuff in because the processed food kind of makes you crave more of it and it gives you sort of a skewed reaction to the food that’s going in.

I wouldn’t be so concerned about how much, I would just be mindful of your hunger and when you’re not hungry anymore.

So the last item I would recommend is alcohol. I would recommend not doing it for 14 days. Now, if you can’t give it up for 14 days, not want to look it to some other issues, but beer certainly has gluten in it or has contains sometimes colorings and additives that contain gluten. And as I mention, the gluten free beer might be something you want to avoid anyway because that can be more irritating to your system than beer itself.

Wine of course is basically a glass of sugar and if you’re trying to reduce your sugar consumption, that’s one of main things to do. Now, I’m not saying that all these things are bad for you. I’m just saying try it out without all these for a few days; 2 weeks and see how you feel and how things are going. And then, reintroduce and little by little, see the difference. But again, I think it’s key to keep some notes as you’re going forward from day 1 to day 14 and notice things particularly notice things. Like I said aches and pains if you have arthritis and various joints. Really notice how you’re feeling on day 1 and how you’re feeling as you get further into that 14 days.

Now, as I mentioned, if you think you may have insulin resistance or dysregulation of hormones from decades or years and years of dieting, the only way that you’re going to know that for sure is as if I’ve recommended in the past. You do a blood panel and that will show you black and white with a nice little dashboard.

The one I would recommend is wellnesseffects.com. I’ll put a link in the show notes. I recommend to everybody. Just scrape up. I think there’s a panel – a basic panel for I think it’s under $200. It’s pretty comprehensive. I definitely would consult with your insurance company about it. I talked to mine about it and they at first were resistant. And then, as time went forward and I kept showing them the results that I was getting which were massive, they said “yeah, we’ll pick it up.” And if not, I think you need to come up with that money and pay for it yourself because the benefit is going to be huge and it’s going to let you, the actual person see with the little dashboard with color-coded everything about where you are and where you want to be. It really does put you in control.

As I say, it really does make you the CEO of your own health. You’ll see with remarkable clarity how you can change these things because if you do this panel before you start the 14 days and I would actually recommend the 30 days. I would recommend doing a panel before doing something like this. And then, just following this program instead of for 14 days, follow it for 30 and do another panel.

So you might need 400 bucks to cover those panels if your insurance won’t pay for them. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but I highly recommend it because it’s quite made the whole difference for me not just in practical terms, but in mental terms of seeing, here’s where I am and here’s where I am going. Why I say this is because I had very low expectations when I was getting started. And I looked to those first panels and I was like “there is no way I am going to get even anywhere near back to where I should be in the green zones.” And as I’ve talked about, my inflammation was off the chart. It was not measurable on the chart. That was way up there.

The basic perfect score for inflammation for your body is zero and I was at 16.9. So in the highest I think was something like 9. So I mean, I was way out of control up there.

As far as inflammation goes, inflammation took me almost a year to get down to barely 1 which is where I am right now. And I’m hoping to get my next blood panels which will show me what the perfect score. But the remarkable thing that the panel showed me was that the issue of the fatty liver accumulation was gone in 30 days. Also, the blood sugar results were massively improved in 30 days and then 60 days.

Now, it’s an on-going process because as I’ve mentioned, if you have these issues or you might not even know you have a [26:30 inaudible] to your blood panels, but if you have them, it takes some time. But to me, 30 days, 60 days, that’s amazing.

I mean, the conventional medical solution was not working for me in any way, shape or form. I tried for two years to make some changes there and it was not happening. So the blood results and the dashboard you get from Wellness FX, I think is a huge tool that you can use and you can also use it when you’re talking with your doctor and say “look. How do we get from here to here? What can I do?” again, it may take a little bit of time but to me, the way you can radically turn around your health in a matter of 60 days, 90 days, a year even, it’s amazing and it’s not through medications. It’s through lessening medications and it’s through making your body more resistant and resilient to disease. That’s the golden ticket.

That’s what’s going to let you go in to later years being just as active and energetic as you were when you were in your 20’s or 30’s.

Now, but that’s not all the formula, but that’s some of it. So, for people that want to get started, like I said, this is what I’ve just laid out for you here is how to recommend you go. And again, what a lot of people want to do is jump in to the deep end of the pool, give up everything at once, and try to basically force themselves into something that’s very disruptive to their system and very mentally tough.

And then be able to say “Okay, at the end I can do whatever I want”. And that’s not going to give you the results. But if you kind of ease your way in to the water and then begin to dog paddle a little, pretty soon you’ll be swimming, and you’ll be heading towards your goal. And as I’ve mentioned, if you’re not sure if you have insulin resistance or some of these issues, the blood panel is the way to go. To show you and to make it clear, your doctors if you’re going to a conventional medical doctor, not an integrative health doctor or a functional medicine doctor.

They may not even talk about this to you, and that’s a big mistake in my opinion because it’s ignoring a condition that in many cases can be changed, and that will radically change your health.

If you can recover insulin sensitivity because that deals with the storage of fat, and the lack of storage of fat. So that’s the magic formula to losing unwanted weight and also improving your health and lowering your inflammation.

As I’ve mentioned before, inflammation in your body is the key to health or non-health disease, because that opens the door for your body not to be able to fight off things that happen.

Whether it be an infection, whether it’d be some sort of the flu, whether it’d be something more serious like cancer. The stronger and more robust and less inflamed you are the better shape you’re in. And whatever you want is found out, all the scientist and doctors in the last ten to fifteen years is that, the digestive health and the brain are keys to creating a strong and resilient body.

So I hope this has been helpful to you guys. As I say, people ask me this every day, almost every day, and I’ve found people that have come back to me. A lot of people send me emails and stuffs, and talk and they’re on the Facebook page as well. And they’ve gotten great results and it’s put them on path.

Sometimes they’ve gone forward for the Fourteen days and decided to go for the full Thirty days to see what results they can get. And some of them have done fourteen and said “You’re right, it is helping my aches and pains and I am feeling better, and I didn’t realize how addicted to coffee I was, or alcohol, or wine, whatever”.

And again, you’re not constructing a nightmare lifestyle for yourself; you’re doing a regimen that’s going to help you improve your health. And I never say never about any of these things, I’ve never said “When I got started, I would never have gluten again, I would never have some processed sugar again, I would never have alcohol again”. I’ve never put that on anything, because once you say “I’m never going to do it”, it locks you into position that’s untenable.

So if I was going to a birthday party and there was cake there, and I felt like having a piece of cake or a bite of cake, I’d just have it. Because I’ve reached the point now where it doesn’t hold that much of an attractiveness or an addiction to me. Now again I think It’s really cool if you go to the link I’m going to put in the show notes here, if you’re not able to click from your – when you’re listening to the podcast. In your pod catcher, there’s a little usually a summary.

If you’re not able to click just go to fattofitmyquest.com/podcast, and you’ll see episode 62 getting started. And you’ll see I’m going to put a link there, so that you can go to all these little sort of duration of videos that I’ve made for you, which is The Science and the Doctors behind the sugar addiction gluten and what’s not good about it and all these things. So I’d rather have them tell you and let you listen to what they have to do. The presentations are not very long, they are mostly videos. And there’s some cool little, also diagrams and things there that show you how things work. But I think it will really benefit and I hope this has been helpful for you. So, we’ll see you next week, same time, and same place. Thank you so much.



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