Episode #68 Small Steps To Success

slow steps to success







In this episode I discuss how not to get overwhelmed when you have decided to make a change in your lifestyle. Start at the shallow end of the pool first – don’t jump in at the deep end. Building up little successes will give you the drive to succeed, rather than becoming swamped by restrictions across your whole diet. This week’s episode is packed full of tips to help you make your changes one at a time.

So what small steps can be taken? Start by¬†adding two cups of vegetables to each meal, before looking to cut out problematic food groups. Reduce rather than withdraw, so that you’re not putting your body through too much stress. You can also bring a probiotic supplement into your diet to rebalance your insides and undo damage caused by processed foods, or add fish oil for nutritional benefits and repair benefits. Equally, if you’re taking on a new workout strategy don’t just head off to the gym – speak to your physician or an orthopedic specialist and make sure that your exercise plans won’t cause more harm than good.

Make changes on a week by week basis, rather than taking everything on at once. You’ll be much more likely to succeed if you can see the changes happen, so focus on one change at a time. It might help to keep a food and activity diary during this time, so you can see how different foods and exercise routines are affecting you.

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