Episode #7: Paleo on a Budget with Liz McGaw


How do you do the Paleo diet on a budget? It’s one of the questions I get asked incredibly frequently. It can be very difficult to find foods that don’t have tons of sugar, MSG, sodium and additives.┬áLiz McGraw from PaleoOnABudget.com will walk us through how to do it. Liz is a photographer, food blogger and author. Her new book, Paleo on a Budget, is available now.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Liz came to discover the Paleo Primal way of eating
  • What it’s like transitioning to Paleo and how you can manage it
  • How your cravings for food can actually be mental cravings for nostalgia
  • How to create dynamite Paleo meals from your pantry
  • Techniques to manage your shopping trips and maximize your dollars
  • Liz’s must-have items for a Paleo pantry

Mentioned in the episode:

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