Episode #73 – How To Fight Fatigue With Vitamin R And The Functional Medicine “Doc” Dr. Carri


functional medicineIn this week’s episode, Dr. Carri Drzyzga is back with us to give us the latest news on her book, Reclaim Your Energy And Feel Normal: Fixing The Root Cause Of Fatigue. Dr. Carri is an experienced practitioner of functional medicine, which aims to find the cause of a problem and fix it. Fatigue is a common problem people experience, and often they try many different remedies without finding one that works for them, or that only works for a short while. Fixing the cause behind your fatigue will soon have you feeling a whole lot better, and you’ll see a positive impact on your overall health.

Dr. Carri’s new book talks about finding ways to reclaim your energy and feel normal again. There are many different causes of fatigue, such as interactions between medications, your stress levels or disruptions in your sleep environment. Discovering the cause of your own fatigue may not be immediately obvious, but by taking small steps to change your habits and improve your wellbeing, you can find the reason for fatigue and start to combat it. Simple steps such as cutting back on sugar, taking time out to relax and meditate and sleeping with an eye mask to prevent light disturbance are all great ways to improve health and reduce fatigue, and these tips and suggestions can help you discover more about improving your mind and your body.

The new book Reclaim Your Energy And Feel Normal is available now, and listeners can claim a free copy at www.reclaimyourenergybook.com (500 free copies available; shipping costs apply)

Find out more at www.drcarri.com or visit www.facebook.com/drcarri

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