Episode #74 Want Skin That Looks Like A Hollywood Actor Or Actress? Andy Hnilo Shares All His Best Tips In This Episode

Andy HniloAndy Hnilo speaks to us this week about his fantastic skincare range, and his journey to health and wellness through a great routine and dedicated products. In the episode, actor and model Andy discusses his accident in 2011 and the journey he took to recover his skin and to improve his health in the process.

As the spokesman and face of Oakley  and other leading brands, Andy knows a thing or two about how to look your best. Using specialist ingredients such as freshwater pearl, natural clays and grass-fed colostrum, Andy has created a line of skincare products that heal and nourish your skin, alongside supplements to improve your wellbeing from the inside.

Making small changes to your skincare regime can really help you along the way to great health. We discuss the different ways you can bring changes into your own day to day routine, and how it can really make a difference that you’ll visibly notice. It’s never too late to start making changes and to see a real difference in the way you look and feel.Leave us a review in itunes and get automatically entered to win Andy’s products package free to your door!

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Melissa: Welcome, Andy. Thanks so much for taking time to be on the podcast today.

Andy: Hey, thank you so much for reaching out and having me on here. I’m excited to be here. Thank you.

Melissa: Andy you’re a model, an actor, a brand representative for a whole number of big companies like Oakley, Nike and all these other companies, so you naturally would be focused on your skin. But how did you become interested in developing a high quality skin care product of this particular type.  I’m talking about your clay mask.

Andy: Well, in 2011, I was in a big accident where my face was pretty much rearranged from my chin all the way over to just beneath my ear. That little point where your jaw meets the other part which is just below say my sideburn. My jaw was just shattered in a very gnarly car accident on Melrose where I was hit by a Westbound heading car then hit into the Eastbound lane and ran over by an Eastbound car and woke up in Cedar Sinai with just bone exposed to the bottom of my mouth.

It was pretty hard to swallow at that time. It was how I was making money is based on appearance basically and go on from well, you’re never going to do this ever again. To trying to figure out how I was going to basically prove people wrong and get back into the industry.  My own ultimate goal is to get back in better shape physically than I was before.  But it was a long road. I had seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung. I really had to pull back on everything. I lost 17 pounds and I didn’t really have a lot of weight to lose. So this muscle mass was nonexistent.

But as far as being unrecognizable from having my jaw sticking out and all the abrasions and scarring from the accident that I sustained, it was extremely important to me. I became very aware through my research that the skin being the largest organ, I had to feed it from the outside and really hit it with my nutrition as well. So I developed a very strict regimen on nutrition with anti-inflammatory herbs, amino acids to generate circulation, and then really focused on cleaning my blood and then building that blood and then circulating that blood. That was my big internal focus.

Then on top of that, I did a research based on combination of study in spa treatments but also throwing in my own little twist to it. You go on hey, if colostrum is so good internally, it’s got to be good externally as well. It became really apparent to me that what we put on our body immediately gets absorbed into our bloodstream. I just started experimenting. I have nothing really else to do. It was hard to leave the house. So what else are you going to do when you’re in the house than just really research on how to get back on your feet and get better as quick as possible.

What I did is I had a one-bedroom apartment and I moved everything out of that one-bedroom into my living room and made that back room my lab and just started mixing things I would buy. I’ve tried to buy 20, 25 different ingredients. My mask right now has nine ingredients so there’s a lot of stuff that did not work. But I enjoyed it. It was my own little lab back there, my own little creative outlet to work on something that was going to help benefit my abrasions, my scarring. Also, this is out of necessity. I had no intention of ever turning this into a product, but I just enjoyed doing it.

One thing, I saw results immediately and just internally I felt better. It was removing impurities and heavy metals with the clays. Based on my research that was just a huge thing that I saw how cancer patients really dealing with a lot of their X-rays and CT scans and all the heavy metals and just the all-around fog that they are in through therapy, through whole head treatments with clays.

So I bought those clays and then I added my own twist. A couple of my ingredients were just basically consistent spa treatment, clay-based spa treatments, the things like the Kelp pattern and then the rhassoul clay bed. Everything else in there was my own little twist. So I really have never seen fresh water, ground fresh water pearl before in any skin care product.

Melissa: Yes, I was going to ask you about that. That’s one of the unique things about your product is the pearl, the addition of the freshwater pearl. Is it powder that you put in it or is it liquid that then becomes powdered, or its powder?

Andy: It’s ground. It’s all powder-based because I didn’t want to have to add a preservative with clays. You add any type of liquid to it and you’re going to generate the possibility of some kind of growth, any type of culture. Then you have to add a preservative to maintain that nothing gets out of hand or spoils. I didn’t want to do that. It’s all basically food grade and without any preservatives.

Yes, it’s basically just a powdered form. But what the pearl is is just ground, fresh water pearls. Just really, really light, almost like a flower addition to it that the geishas in China had been using for centuries as far as evening out skin tone , discoloration and just maintaining a smooth, even skin tone. And that they really believed that that signifies youth. It’s just one of those things you put in your hand and just mix it with water and it’s undeniable how smooth it is.

Melissa: Oh yes, I use it.

Andy: And on top of that apparently it has a mild bleaching effect that helps with sun spots and discoloration.

Melissa: Yes.

Andy: I’m so glad that I experimented with that because it sounded crazy because I was actually just using it internally to help. It’s very calming and very good for liver cleansing. But I figured I’m glad I just experimented with that one day because that’s one of my central ingredients. It’s really a game-changer for skin care. It really helped fade away all my abrasions and minimizing my scar in combination with just the really diligent skin care routine that I developed and I still keep until this day.

Melissa: Yes. For some people that are listening, they may have visited a spa before and they had had a clay treatment or a mud bath treatment or something. But for people that don’t know, what is the different clays that you use and the principal one I think is the Bentonite clay.

Andy: Yes, Calcium Bentonite clay is a big one. Calcium Bentonite clay was what I built it off of. Years ago I used something called Aztec Pills which is great. I was going to whole foods and I was just buying it. I just felt that I could find something like that in bulk rather than just buying the 16 or 32 ounce container from whole foods.

Not only did I find it in bulk but I also found a list of other clays and it’s just interesting. They all have their own little capabilities and qualities that each other doesn’t have. Like Pyrophyllite being over 70% silicone, which is just the building block of collagen, growth. I was taking that internally as well. ,I figured I would add that along with the Bentonite and Kaolin which is a nice, fine, white, has a slightly course exfoliating quality to it and the rhassoul which is a big component of my mask. It has an incredible stimulating factor quality to it and it is well circulating to the surface of the skin, so I combined those.

It took a while to get the perfect measurement down with things like vitamin C. I use L-ascorbic acid which really helps bring that circulation to the surface of the skin as well as getting past the epidermis and really helps a lot with sun damage. I combined that with things like organic Kelp powder which is loaded with Sodium Alginate, which is an incredible topical cleanser. Then it’s extremely antioxidant dense as well. Then I added things like American ginseng and like I said the fresh water pearl powder, then rounded it out with first six-hour milking grass like colostrum which you just can’t find. There’s one company that makes it.

Melissa: Yes, I was just going to ask you that. Where do you get it from? Because grass-fed colostrum is a rarity.

Andy: Yes, it’s a family-owned business out in Wyoming and the same thing. I had been using their colostrum internally as well in my smoothies. One of those days, I just made a little piece out of it with Manuka honey and put it on my scar. I just felt undeniable activity and I saw undeniable results.

So I was like I’m just going to experiment with this in my mask that was already creating so much overall feeling of well-being inside.  I was seeing or feeling better about myself. My swelling was going down. I was creating circulation to the surface of my skin. I was also cleansing it and exfoliating that area then feeding that newly exfoliated skin with growth factor rich ingredient.

It was such a no-brainer to me and it just became a huge routine. It’s something that just made me feel better. I loved what I saw and it got me out of my fog. It was doing whole head masks.

Melissa: Yes, I want to ask you about that because there are some pictures of you. We’ll put one in shown-ups too. But you put this on your scalp and everything on your hair, like you said the whole head mask. I want to ask you how you do that or when do you do that in combination with your face at the same time. Also how often you do your mask. Do you do a mask and a whole head mask everyday, once a week, three or four times a day? What’s your routine with it?

Andy: If I have something going on with say work and you got to look refreshed, I’ve tried everything.

Melissa: Which is everyday for you. You have to look refreshed every day.

Andy: Yes, I do, I do. And it’s not only on the modeling and acting side of things. But if you’re the head of a skin care line you got to …

Melissa: You have to look good.

Andy: Yes. I don’t mind doing it at all because you just feel so refreshed. I had this new routine now that once a week I’ll use a derma roller. It’s got these little tiny spikes to it. I’ll just criss-cross under my eyes and then the corner of my crow’s feet area, where in the middle of my T-zone. Then it just opens up and escorts those micronutrients immediately past the epidermis into my skin. It’s like a nice little acupuncture for my face and so that’s awesome.

Then I also do that to my scalp with the old derma rollers like I’ll use that for 10-year season then I’ll use the old one for my scalp. It just makes so much sense to me to escort those nutrients immediately into my scalp. That’s all these clays are, minerals, right? And that’s what we’re lacking and getting depleted of as we age are those minerals. I’m also feeding that scalp area with growth factor, rich ingredients like the colostrum and anti-oxidant rich ingredients like the Kelp pattern and then American ginseng.

There are a lot of blood building properties that people have been claiming for years. It’s one of the most researched herbs in China and I’m so glad I added that to the mix as well. I do it every other day now but like I said if I have some things – when I was shooting a Pilot for HBO, Hello Ladies and you had to be on set whatever, three days in a row. That is just an excuse to do it three days in a row. It’s light enough.

I believe if you really have something going onward, you have to look your best and feel your best but it’s ok to do it a few times in a row. I wouldn’t recommend that when you got your body and skin cells grow rash. So I would think tops a couple of times a week. I do it every other day now because I’ve just developed a nice little routine with my essential oils that I go with. I make it really nourishing and moisturizing as well. Also, it’s not over drying and I’m not over exfoliating my skin.

Your skin is very delicate. Those capillaries under your eyelids, under your eyes, I really feel like those can be counteracted. Those bags and those dark circles, I really think that’s because of stagnant capillaries. And so what I do is I just have it up with apple cider vinegar so it’s extremely stimulating.

Melissa: Right.

Andy: And a little acidic but I just close my eyes, throw in some shot. I actually hang upside down in inversion table and really get that circulation pumping. It’s just a routine good. It’s my little healthy addiction. I can’t say enough about it. What it is, it’s the most consistent treatment, herb, anything.

If I was on a stranded island that’s all I would do because it’s something, it’s just undeniable results every single time. I’d know exactly what I’m going to get whereas some of these things you take internally, some of these supplements, it’s like I don’t know. I hope it’s doing something.

Melissa: You could see the results.

Andy: With the mask, it’s something I really look forward to. Yes, it’s a lot of fun for me because it was something I created based from my own research. You’ve seen some of these clays before in different products and by themselves but I’ve never seen them all combined. Then in addition to that, with the things like the pearl powder and the colostrum, I really took it over the edge. The feedback’s been pretty overwhelming.

I’m just so glad that I’ve met Dave Asprey and turn this thing into a product side. Like I said, I just made it my own and I was fine with that then we turn it into Alitura. I didn’t even have a name when we first did that podcast.

Melissa: Yes, yes. We’re talking for the listeners that may not know. I’ll put a link in the show notes but our mutual friend Dave Asprey actually interviewed Andy and then helped him get his product out to the wide audience. Then we saw each other briefly at Dave’s biohacking conference last year where you had a chance to actually expose it to all the crazy biohackers out there.

But Dave’s audience being so big, millions of listeners all around the world and a lot of them being adventuresome in the biohacking world but certainly knowing about colostrum and the healing benefits of that. I think we’re a good way to introduce the product to get a jumpstart but now I think…

Andy: Oh, absolutely.

Melissa: You know your audience. You’re in the right town in Hollywood there, but many of the people in your profession, of course I should think would be on autopilot order with you. Because like you say, when you have to look good everyday that you work and if you’re working a lot, that’s a lot of looking good.

It’s funny that we’re talking about the colostrum because I was interviewing a doctor earlier today for an upcoming podcast and that was one of the big things that she was talking about and explaining to the listeners was the use of colostrum for repairing and healing your cut. I’m sure inside as well as outside. Like you talked about, your skin is like another mouth almost because things you rub on it go in to your body. So you have to be careful. It’s good. In a good way, it’s good, but in a bad way for contaminants and things like that.

I wanted to ask you, Andy, too. You mentioned, first you talked about before that when you’re recovering from this accident that you also delved into the adaptogenic herbs and herb plants to help yourself get better. The reason we put some pictures, two off of you currently so the people can try to detect any little imperfections which is pretty hard to do, I have to say.

But it’s amazing when you talk about seriousness of your accident. I think I’ve seen a picture of you a few days later or a few weeks later looking pretty beat up. Getting run over twice is no laughing matter. But you’ve been able to do such an amazing job where it looks like I’ve seen you in person, met you in person briefly and if I just knew nothing about you and met you, I would never know that you’d had surgery on your face, or reconstructive surgery, or things to put things back the way they were. So it’s pretty outstanding that the product delivered those kinds of benefits but that we know.

But how did you use herbs, natural herbs we’re talking about here to help you in the recovery.

Andy: First off thank you. That’s really sweet. Thanks.

Melissa: I was amazed because I’ve heard you talking with Dave before. I actually saw you at the conference. I was very interested to see you up-close. It was brief, as I mentioned to you earlier. I was getting a Myers Cocktail injection at the time. I probably don’t have the Hollywood radar that can detect any plastic surgery work or any reconstructive work but I couldn’t. Your face looked pretty perfect to me.

Andy: Like I said thanks a lot. That first year was dark. My jaw wasn’t that way. You won’t believe me, this whole time it took a good year to get the swelling down. You go to these places and great, I’m very lucky to be alive. I always told myself that. I never really got down but you see people’s eyes go from your eyes to straight down to the jaw and I became really self-conscious about it.

So anyway, I’m just extremely grateful that I stopped with that routine because I really believed if I just hit it from the outside and hit it from the inside – I’ve met with so many different Chinese herbalists and really got a nice routine on how I was going to be able to get rid of that scar tissue, massage it out and really get the swelling down. But I got to tell you right now, I still can’t feel the left side of my – I’m tapping it right now. It’s such a trip. I nicked myself shaving and there was blood coming down. I can’t feel.

Melissa: You can’t quite feel it. Yes. I empathize because I had my jaw reset last year for TMJ issues. I have what looks like a dent over in the skin, over the tissue, over my jaw where it’s just a little bit numb there still for almost a year ago. So I can empathize but it was nothing like being hit by the car twice but I understand where you’re coming from there.

Andy: Yes, you do. I mean the jaw issues are jaw issues. It’s not even that like I had to go in and see my dentist and luckily they had X-rays and how to match my bite, tooth by tooth.

Melissa: Yes, That’s essential. They do that spectral cranium imaging. Did you have that before the accident by any chance?

Andy: I think I just had regular X-rays.

Melissa: Close enough. Close enough. Yes, I’m so glad in looking back.

Andy: Can you imagine if I didn’t even have [00:19:03 Inaudible] like I do. It just has to go.

Melissa: That’s where artistry of dentistry comes in because yes, it’s so important. That’s when I learned how important it was, how significantly important it is to your health if your jaw is off by a few millimeters or mini-centimeters. I’m not so good at my measurements there. But the smallest amount can create incredible pain and disruption in your whole physical system. I didn’t know that.

Due to a bad dentistry not to an accident or bad dentistry, I guess for me but I was creating all kinds of muscular issues and bad things. I had muscle atrophy in one side of my jaw. All these things were built up over time so it’s no laughing matter. But to recover from such impact, damage that you had is tough. I’m fascinated by herbs because I interviewed George from Jing Herbs that was at the conference. I love that guy.

Andy: He’s awesome, he’s awesome.

Melissa: And herbs are playing a big role in helping me recover from some other issues too. But how did you use them for your recovery?

Andy: So, yes. Things like Schisandra, pearl, American ginseng and He Shou Wu, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Cayenne. Dragon herb has the thing called the frame builder which I was told was better for my bones in getting my bone to heal back. Knee-jerk reaction is like, “Oh Calcium. I got to really overdo it on Calcium.” Well, that apparently it’s not it. What it is is vitamin D3, Magnesium, Silica, K2, really getting those hammered home person then really relieving the area with these really powerful Chinese herbs – like you said adaptogenic herbs that just really speeded up my recovery. I was back. It took a while.

I remember picking up a friend from the airport and she made a comment. I think she had seen me at the hospital 10 days before or whatever it was. It was really speeding up my recovery just staying externally diligent. My jaw was wired shut so all I could do to get my nutrients was from liquid and with that liquid, it was very specific on what I had to do to get my nutrition – raw egg yolks, deer placenta was another weird one.

Melissa: You’re dedicated. Did that come from the Chinese herbalist?  

Andy: Yes. Those from Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs.

Melissa: Yes, yes. And dragon bone is another one that’s better.

Andy: Oh, yes. I definitely was on that

Melissa: Yes, yes.

Andy: There are so many things. I’d listen to them and I stayed extremely diligent and I saw the results. Arnica was another big one.

Melissa: Yes, yes. I had that with the surgeries I’ve had for skin damage where they’ve had to laser it and said to use the Arnica to medicate scars and stuffs. That’s a big one.

Andy: Bromelain, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Wobenzymes, the Silica drops like I said, Zinc. I just felt good. I felt alive again. From going to a fog and having to get helped up out of your bed, and then helped to the bathroom, to being able to walk and then getting that circulation going. Then being able to run or jog and then being able to sprint – it’s like God! It’s like being reborn.

I feel incredible. I want to do this every day for the rest of my life. Technically, all my morning and night time tonics – that’s what I call them, have done this. It takes a while to prepare. But I’m 33 and I feel a lot better than I did when I was 23 at every aspect of life. There’s something to be said about those herbs and the source, sourcing it is huge.

Melissa: Yes, yes.

Andy: Like you said, George at Jing Herbs, you don’t get much better than them. That’s who I get my herbs from.

Melissa: Yes, George gave us a little primer on this a few months back. One of the reasons I wanted to have him on was like yourself, he routinely prescribes for people. He does Skype consults with them and stuff. One of the things my – what I call my performance doctor, who’s helping me recover my health said is – in fact we just had this conversation a couple of days ago is we have to swap around our herbal package here and adjust some things to help you get more recovery.

So I wanted to have George on to talk about the pre-. He has these packages he’s put together for people on stress and all kinds of different areas that they’re trying to heal. One of the big questions put to him was how do we know this isn’t a lot of poison stuff coming from China, no offense Chinese folks.

He went into this whole description of how he sources them. How he goes there. How the purity – how he checks things before they leave. How he checks them when they come to him. All the great pains he goes through to make sure they are top of the line thing.

But the good thing about him and I don’t know – the place you go to is is it Dragon Herbs in Beverly Hills?

Andy: Well, no. I used to. Yes, it was George who I get every single one of my herbs from. I work with him. My mask and I can’t say enough.

Melissa: Yes. So, I’ll put a link to him because people can consult him. Like I said he does online consults with you. But also he has this kind of pre-made packages that you can get sent to you and with instructions on how to use them and all the details on what they are and everything. And I agree. I think in terms of purity. You don’t want to just go on the stuff in the internet.

Andy: No, definitely not.

Melissa: Even Amazon. I don’t know about that. You really need to go to what I call a Chinese herb expert.

Andy: Expert.

Melissa: who goes to China and knows what he’s getting. All these things are grown like he talked about it, very high altitudes away from the pollution and as much as possible. He’s very finicky about what he’s getting so you’re not just getting a load of metals. I have to be careful because I’m detoxing from Lead. I just certainly don’t want to take in anymore Lead or any other metals that might randomly drop into my herb supplements or so.

Andy: It’s smart that you looked into that because it’s exactly what you said, you never really know. But George’s, it’s good as it comes.

Melissa: Yes. So I’ll put a link so people can look into his process there. At least it’s good that he’s available to send things to you. You know it’s coming from a quality source.

We’re getting short on time Andy but how can people sign? Now you’re launching another product, right? A moisturizer product?

Andy: Yes. I have the clay mask. I followed it up with my moisturizer is primarily Beeswax, Cacao Butter Sea Buckthorn. I added a lot. The essential oils that you see are a hero ingredient in a lot of my favorite products. Things like German Chamomile, Calendula, Keratin, Vanilla; I added Royal Jelly to it along with Ylang-Ylang and Propolis. I bottled it in Miron Glass. I don’t know if you heard about that but the UV rays can’t penetrate it so it maintains its bioactivity. It has really been popular

Melissa: Cool.

Andy: Yes. I know. It’s fun, it’ fun. I’m mowing through it over here. But it’s a great daytime moisturizer. I’m also coming out with Hyaluronic acid, 10% base night cream. That’s going to have – I’m hoping to get four different plant-derived stem cells in there and then hit it with some oils from the amazon that are just incredible.

Melissa: Wow! That sounds really good.

Just a question from a by-stander here: there’s so much focus on stem cells and how they can help you regenerate and recover health particularly if you’ve had some sort of issues. Where do you source those or can you say?

Andy: I can’t say who I’m working with on because I had to sign…

Melissa: Trade secret as well, I imagine.

Andy: Yes, you know what the awesome thing is? One of my first conferences I went to, the second one from the bulletproof conference was anti-aging conference in Las Vegas. I had so many, just institutions who’ve been doing this for 20, 25 years, who came over and were impressed by my ingredient rosters on both the mask and the moisturizer. Gave me their cards and just said “Hey, look if you have any questions, just feel free to reach out to me.” And I have. That’s one thing.

There’s nothing else as you could probably tell. There’s nothing else I like talking about more than just getting the ingredients and essential oils that nobody uses regardless of cost. I want to source the best ingredients regardless of my cost. I want to put together the best products. And I feel I’ve done that with my first two.

As far as this night cream, as far as the stem cells, I want to combine certain ones. Those are gone out there. I didn’t want to use that. I want to use things, like I said, that are just starting to come out right now because they’re extremely effective. There are more and more science and more and more researches coming in trying to derive stem cells. Then Hyaluronic being our own natural replenisher or skin’s moisture, it just felt like an absolute, incredible combination when I combine them with other things that I plan on doing. Things like Camu camu – a natural form of vitamin C, arguably nature’s highest, most potent form of vitamin C, Schisandra.

Just wait until you see this roster. We haven’t finalized it yet. We’re on take four. I actually have it right here and I’m putting it on as we speak. It’s incredible. So yes, I’m just certainly excited.

Melissa: Yes. Well, one of the reasons I wanted to have you on Andy was one because you have such incredible story about how you recovered your own health. Like I say, if you’re an actor and a model and you have to look good every day, there are still bad days for you guys. Having these injuries and then being able to recover from and how you did it using the natural products and herbs and stuff,  I think is really important for people to know who are older than you because it means there’s a lot they can do.

And everyone I’ve talked to. Like I said talking about George from Jung Herbs – George, one of the points he made is it’s never too late to start using some of these things as helping you to recover your health or get in to your best health. It’s funny that you say that you feel better and in better shape than you were when you were 20. But now you’re only in your thirties. So as you further along down the path but I really think that’s true as well.

I think that there’s a ton of products out there. I’ve done a podcast to a couple of them about the dangers of make up and things and you have to deal with that all the time of course. One of the great resources to prevent you from if you can’t get away from certain kinds of make up but get away from dangerous additives and stuff in those things is to use this mask and to use the moisturizer and stuff that you have, because you’re putting back in essential stuff that may have been taken away.

Andy: Taken away.

Melissa: And also if you have sun exposure like I have for a lifetime of being out in the sun and sailing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff, this is a way to like you said, repair your skin tone and also help it heal. I’m always confused and befuddled by people who complain about things costing too much or whatever. When you boil it down it’s your health. It’s the health of your skin, the health of your body.

A lot of things you have included in your products like you said are good inside because they’re going in through the skin but they’re also things you can take internally in pill form or in supplement form. So it’s kind of a double hit on that. So I think it’s a good thing.

If you had a few of these products that you use on a regular basis and it was all that you used, I think you’d be in really good shape. I think you’d have some pretty good looking skin. It doesn’t need to be that expensive. Like you said, you could use the mask once a week if you wanted to or twice a week. You don’t need to be putting it on everyday. But these are small little things that you can do and you’ll see a difference overtime.

One of the things I like, not to make this too much of a commercial but is the thing with the mask is it’s so light. You go to a lot of spas and they’ll do a mask for you or whatever and It feels like a real heavy mud that they’re putting on. Yours is very light and it’s sort of invigorating -light and invigorating.

Andy: Thank you.

Melissa: As opposed to sort of having a heavy, a more heavy kind of suffocating feel of the clay mask I’ve done in the past. So that’s been at spas. I haven’t done it myself. Only do yours myself.

Andy: Right.

Melissa: It just has a lighter feel to it like you said. Those ingredients that are in there as we’ve talked about are good to nourish the inside as well as the outside of the skin. So I think people ought to think about how to spend their money wisely.

Andy: Absolutely, absolutely.

Melissa: Okay Andy. We’re almost out time but where can people find you online and more importantly where can they find your products online?

Andy: I’m available on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram – andyhnilo, A-N-D-Y. Last name is H-N-I-L-O. H is silent. It’s causing a lot of problems but I’m not going to change it.

Melissa: Yes.

Andy: And Alitura has a Facebook page. I just keep people updated on things that are happening with my R&D and the development of products and upcoming things that are going on. Just a little, we sponsored our first professional athlete recently and that was cool for us.

Wait a minute, it’s all me. I don’t know why I keep saying we. I mean I do have some awesome people helping me out with the content stuff. But it’s all me as far as customer service and shipping and manufacturing the product.

Melissa: Yes. Well, that’s good because you make sure. You are the quality check because you’re using everything everyday for your work. So it’s alituranaturals.com, right?

Melissa: Yes. Finally the website is alituranaturals.com. If people have any questions, there’s a lot of awesome reviews and testimonials of what the products have done and again I’m available. andy@alituranaturals.com. For any questions on the product or purity or tips, I have a ton of different things I do to make this mask perfect every single time. And I’m happy to share them.

Melissa: Yes, yes, yes. You have a section on there called Andy’s tips. So people might want to take a look at that where you talk about mixing and can you use it on your face if it’s red, can you use them on your hair and scalp, and all those things you talked about; and also a little coaching section.

Andy: Yes, I do that as well.

Melissa: Yes. So you can contact Andy if you want to talk about all those things which we didn’t get a chance to talk too much about today. But I pretty much know what that is which is your diet and stuff which is I think pretty much clean and bulletproof.

Andy: Yes. It’s very clean, very nutrient dense, everything – eating with a purpose. That equals for me definite results and performance and just mental clarity. Just having boundless energy. I’ve learned a lot through people like Dave Asprey and Mark Sisson. I’ve kind of tweaked it and added my own little Chinese herb twist to it. I just have life straight right now.

Melissa: Great. It’s been great talking to you, Andy

Andy: You too.

Melissa: We’ll catch up at one of this year’s conferences.

Andy: Absolutely.

Melissa: And have a gossip session about what’s going on and what new products are coming. Thanks so much.

Andy: No. Thank you. Thanks a lot for having me. I appreciate it. Nice chat with you.

Melissa: Great.

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