Episode #84 – Dr. Tom Malterre On The Elimination Diet, Autism And More

Dr Tom Maltere









In this week’s episode, Dr. Tom Malterre is with us to discuss his work on The Elimination Diet, and we take a look at the effects of gluten and other food products on conditions such as autism.

Functional medicine shows us that food is the key to good health, but putting that into practice can be tricky. The Elimination Diet focuses on removing those substances which are harmful to your health and discovering what is causing your health issues. If inflammation and irritation are common for you, food is a powerful medicine that will calm your digestive tract.

Dr. Tom uses functional medicine in his role at the Autism Research Institute, and he shares with us some insights into the effects of diet on autism spectrum disorders. Intolerance to gluten and other substances can make aspects of the condition harder to deal with, and changing a child’s diet can make a big difference. Adults will also benefit from a functional medicine approach.

If you’re making your first steps towards going gluten free or trying to figure out what is making you feel so tired and sick, check out Dr. Tom’s book The Elimination Diet for information, advice and recipes.

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