Episode #86 – Sarah Ballantyne The Paleo Mom On Nutrition And Family Health

In this week’s episode, we’re talking with Sarah Ballantyne about her own health and weight loss journey. A biophysicist, leading academic and popular health blogger, Sarah’s whole family have benefited from her wellness discoveries and are firm advocates of the Paleo diet.

Just how did Sarah go from being apartment-bound with a chronic and enduring illness to achieving the healthy, full lifestyle she has today? Her journey started like many of ours did – with fast weight loss that uncovered an ongoing range of health problems. A functional medicine advocate and accomplished academic, she used science to tackle her issues and found that through Paleo and elimination diets, certain aspects of her condition could be reduced and controlled: while still keeping her weight down. This enabled her to drop prescription medicines and resume an active life, free from pain and illness.

Sarah regularly blogs about her experiences, and has now introduced the rest of her family to Paleo. Her blog has lots of advice for moms looking to help their kids with health issues – or simply to introduce healthy eating habits early in life. We talk about some of the challenges and benefits Paleo diets have for children.

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