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In today’s episode, we speak with author, blogger and health advocate Lea Valle about her fantastic Paleo recipes – including a whole host of delicious desserts that are gluten-free and dairy-free. We also discuss Lea’s personal health and weight loss journey, and what led her to finding the healthy lifestyle she follows today.

Following an MS diagnosis, Lea followed an MS-friendly diet she found online but didn’t see any real results. On losing weight, Lea’s health issues continued – so she looked further into elimination diets and Paleo. A few years on and with a second opinion – coeliac disease – Lea was able to start resolving her health problems through her diet. Today, she is free from pain and feeling fantastic!

We discuss those tasty recipes she’s been cooking up, too. Many people who restrict their diet for health reasons feel that they can’t have treats any more, or that feeding a fussy young family will be difficult. Lea’s recipes range from pizza crust to banana bread and from chocolate chip cookies to cashew cheesecake. Have you tried any of these recipes, or do you have your own to add? Leave us a comment and get involved in the discussion below.

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