Five Fat Burning Tips For Women Over Fifty

Are you eager to find new ways to promote fat loss? You may believe that it’s very difficult to lose fat at this stage of life, but you simply need to put some key elements in place in order to have great results. You will find a slew of fat burning tips and tricks online and be overwhelmed. The secret is in keeping things simple. The following are some tweaks you can do to your exercise in order to move your fat burning progress along.

• Transition to interval training – Instead of steady-state cardio, alternate high intensity exercises and low intensity recovery. This will burn calories fast and keep on doing it even hours after your session. The all-out workout also saves you time, effectively cutting your exercise time and allowing you to become more productive elsewhere.

• Switch to a full body workout – Instead of isolation exercises, go for a full body workout, which allows greater calorie expenditure even long after the workout session. It also stimulates the major muscle groups, getting you to spend more energy and can boost metabolism.

• Vary your workout exercises – Your body gets familiarized and bored by performing the same routine over and over again. Make sure you keep your workout interesting by integrating new exercises into it. Not only will these activate different muscles, your body will also appreciate being subjected to the new stimulus.

• Exercise before breakfast – Even if it’s just for 10 to 15 minutes, exercising first thing in the morning motivates you to be consistent for the rest of the day. It also jumpstarts your metabolic rate and keeps a leash on your appetite. It’s all about starting your day right.

• Use  music  as a motivator while exercising – This may seem inconsequential, but lively music does have the ability to crank up the intensity of your workout. With upbeat tunes, you are inspired to move your body faster and more forcefully, allowing you to burn more calories.

• Move around at least once per hour – If your work requires you to be seated for most of the day, make the conscious effort to move around at least once an hour. You need to keep your metabolic rate up throughout the day, so set an alarm and commit to getting up and doing something physical regularly.

These fat burning tips and tricks may seem too simple, but the easier they are to do, the easier time you have applying them and seeing success.

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