Getting Started On A Sustainable Weight Loss Training Program That Yields Results Women Over Forty

Are you aiming to lose weight? If so, then you must know, right from the start, that you will need to put in your whole heart, focus and commitment to this endeavor. By now you’ll have discovered that there is no magic pill or quick fix that can help you achieve the goal of truly losing weight — at best, the results these shortcuts provide are short-lived, non-sustainable, and often also harmful to health (which negates the whole point of weight loss objectives for most people, which is to lead healthier lives).

So roll up your sleeves and be prepared to do the work — because in all honesty, the best and only weight loss training program that will yield the results you seek, is the workout that you will actually do.

Keeping the basics in mind
Generally, health experts recommend any training program for weight loss to include two kinds of physical activity: aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Getting your heart rate up with aerobic exercises
Aerobic exercises are activities that require your arms and legs to move your body; they utilize oxygen to burn carbohydrates and fats to produce energy.

Aerobic exercises are classified into three groups: easy (walking, cycling, climbing stairs, jogging), moderate (swimming, dancing, bench stepping, hiking), and intense (sports like tennis, basketball or volleyball).

At least 250 minutes a week of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity, is recommended for most adults. You can choose to spread these exercises out throughout the week, with each session lasting at least 10 minutes long, to effectively lose weight (and keep it off).

Building muscles with anaerobic exercises
Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, target specific muscles; you won’t be jumping or running around, so the activities don’t require oxygen and will burn only carbohydrates. Instead, you go through weight and resistance training — performing push-ups, lifting weights, and using your own body weight and gravity fall under anaerobic activities.

Health experts advise adults to perform anaerobic exercises at least twice a week.

For beginners, the first week of a 12-week weight loss training program may look like this:

Monday: Core workout (anaerobic)
Tuesday: 20-30 minutes cardio (aerobic)
Wednesday: Upper body workout (anaerobic)
Thursday: 20-30 minutes cardio (aerobic)
Friday: Total body workout (anaerobic)
Saturday: 20-30 minutes cardio (aerobic)
Sunday: Rest

As the weeks progress, the workout continues to provide variety and become more challenging so that you will continuously lose weight while building muscle at the same time. The key is to become stronger and fitter this week compared to the previous week. By committing to the program and tracking your progress, you can achieve steady, effective weight loss and a much healthier body.

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