How To Lose Weight Naturally — For Women Over Fifty

Losing weight is hard, whether you’re a teenager in the prime of your life or a mature woman enjoying her golden years. Still, everybody knows that shedding unwanted pounds gets harder as you grow older. As you move past 50 years old, your body seems to become even more stubbornly committed to gaining weight, no matter how hard you try to keep it off.

Uncontrolled weight gain is a serious issue and not simply imagined by moody menopausal and post-menopausal women. After all, when your body is undergoing so many major changes, it’s not surprising if some things don’t work the same way as before. It’s real, and it can bring real health issues, such as heart problems, hypertension and diabetes. Moreover, studies have shown that if you gained at least 22 pounds between the ages of 40 and 50, you may be facing a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Thanks to new research, there are now a lot of solutions and treatments that help women address post-menopausal weight gain. But instead of going for expensive, invasive and ineffective options, medical experts encourage learning how to lose weight naturally. For women over fifty today, a safe and scientific approach is preferable, because they know that more than simply staying slim, optimal health and well-being is the primary objective of getting fit.

A natural course for effective weight management is the Paleo diet. Described as one of the healthiest ways to eat, its basic building blocks include protein, fish, seafood, eggs, oil, nuts, seeds and organic fruits and vegetables. Refined sugar, refined vegetable oil, legumes, potatoes and dairy are strictly avoided. For 50-plus women who find losing weight an almost impossible goal, the rewards of following the Paleo way of eating is phenomenal: sustained weight loss, improved mood, better sleep, more balanced energy levels, mental clarity and improved immunity.

The Paleo diet is best complemented by healthy lifestyle changes to boost its advantages. Daily exercise, drinking lots and lots of water, cultivating loving relationships and developing an open, mindful and positive mindset may sound like overused recommendations, but they actually deliver, compared to the most expensive, state-of-the-art slimming solutions out there. Notice that the approach is holistic – while your relationship with food plays a huge role in your wellness, your mindset and day-to-day preoccupations are also influential in allowing you to lead a healthy life.

When you’re nearing or already in your retirement age, you won’t have the patience anymore to do trials and errors. You want to make smart use of your time, so you’ll need to look at solutions that have already been tested and proven. If your goal is to lose weight naturally, safely and scientifically, you may want to look at the principles inspired by the Paleo lifestyle.

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