How To Lose Weight Without Exercise – Is It Possible In A Paleo Plan?

What you eat is the most influential factor that determines your weight. Switching to a proven nutrition framework such as the Paleo diet and making it the focus of your fitness strategy is the single most helpful way for you to be able to see measurable and significant weight loss. The reasoning is this: You won’t lose weight no matter how hard you exercise if you keep on eating the same fattening foods, but you can shed pounds even while leading a sedentary lifestyle if you eat only Paleo-approved food.

Numerous Paleo diet practitioners who are curious about finding out how to lose weight without exercise have tried it and have reported that indeed, they were able to shed pounds without exercise, simply by following their Paleo meal plan. But here’s the catch: All of them reported that while they were able to lose some weight, their energy levels and appearance suffered. They all concluded that exercise is highly beneficial and should be done in combination with the Paleo diet if you’re serious about your health and well-being, not just the number on the scale.

Exercise combined with the right diet offers multiple benefits: build tone, manage stress, balance energy, support bone health, curb appetite and cravings, and increase muscle mass (and thus, increase metabolism), among others. It’s not always easy to break into a workout each morning, so here are some techniques that help you remain true to your commitment:

Get expert help. Ask permission from your doctor and seek counseling, a good resource is to find a medical practitioner that will support a Paleo diet life style change. with a personal trainer especially if you have a medical condition, you’re experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort, or it’s your first time to exercise after so many years.

Keep it simple. Just make sure you commit to these two basic requirements: Do something fun and make it a habit. Those are the two things you need to stay faithful to an exercise plan. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or enrol in a gym. Just like your diet, make your exercise inspired by the ancestors, too: run, if you can, or move fast in place or in a pool.Lift, climb and move steadily throughout the day.

Seek inspiration. Recruit friends so you can work together on getting fit; they keep you company and help you stay on your fitness path. Join online support forums.

Document. It’s very important to diligently monitor and keep track of your progress. Use a fitness app or write things down in a small notebook that serves as your diary. Writing things down also allows you a clear view of your developments, so you can make adjustments to improve existing processes. Seeing your progress in black and white fuels your motivation and inspires you to push for more and do better.

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