Episode #18: How to Make Yourself Better with Tai Chi

Over the past few months, I have been looking into tai chi because I was interested in how it can encourage body strength through low-impact training. I have brought in Kevin Bryant for this episode to talk about tai chi and how it can impact your body in terms of posture, breathing and strength.

During our discussion, I learned that there is so much more to tai chi than just leading people to do seemingly weird things in the park. It’s more than an exercise program – it’s rooted from a rich culture and history that connects the mind and body and informs a way of life.

Kevin Bryant has been studying tai chi for over 30 years. He is a high-level practitioner who is a devotee of the yang style. Of the many systems he has studied, including aikido, yoga, tao yin, chi kung and weight training, Kevin finds tai chi the most satisfying.

Know why the tai chi expert thinks so:

  • Understanding tai chi better through its history
  • Improving your posture, strength and breathing through training
  • How you hold your body effects and reflects your emotional state
  • Tai chi compared to other fitness programs; how it creates power and promotes well-being
  • Being more mindful of your feet and your connection to the ground
  • Ch’i is vital energy – breathing and the flow of energy in your body
  • New ways to start with tai chi
  • Finding the right place and teacher
  • Studying the art – the martial, health and spiritual aspect of tai chi

How To Make Yourself Better With Tai Chi


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Mentioned in the episode:

Kevin became a devotee of yang-style tai chi in 1995 and was introduced to the family method in 1998. Prior to founding Tai Chi Club of Surrey, Kevin held senior positions in the private industry; five years ago he co-founded a digital agency focused on brand and reputation management. His time in the corporate world as well as his experience balancing work and family life adds a useful perspective to his teaching practice.

Kevin began his training with master Chu Gin Soon in Boston, second disciple of Yeung Sau Chung, in turn the eldest son of Yeung Cheng Fu. Since 1998, he has studied with Jim Uglow (London), a direct student of Yeung Ma Lee (Mary), daughter of Yeung Sau Chung. Mr Uglow is the preeminent Yeung family practitioner in Europe. Kevin became a disciple in 2007.

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