Mold ; What Can Happen To Your Health By Not Understanding The Dangers Of Mold Exposure

Hey everyone Melissa here to let you know about a documentary movie that my friend Dave Asprey has made.There is a link below and you can watch the movie free for the next few days. I highly recommend it. Dave himself has suffered from toxic mold exposure and has be able to recover from it and here shares many of the things you need to know about. Don’t miss it and tell friends and family so they can become aware and informed about what can happen and how to prevent and if exposed address the health issues property.

For those of you who may not have heard of Dave Asprey he is a very inspirational person who has struggled with many health issues and has spend a lot of his own money  searching for answers

and cures. Dave shares many of the cures and protocols that he has used on his website The Bullet Proof Executive there you can find a wealth of information tips and techniques that Dave has used to restore his own health. And when I say he had had some health issues I mean some serious ones like lime disease, thyroid issues,arthritis, weighing 300 pounds and more.

Click on the image below to watch the movie free for the next few days I believe  everyone show know about this!


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