Paleo at a Glance – How to Optimize Your Diet and Improve Your Health

Some people feel overwhelmed at the idea of making dietary changes to improve their health, and it can be difficult to start down the path to healthy living if you feel like it is an unachievable goal. The truth is that your dietary habits don’t have to be complicated. In fact, Paleo principles make it easier than ever to optimize your health, reduce the risk of disease, and feel better about your body.

Here is an overview of the Paleo diet to help you get started:

Stay Away from Toxic Foods

Does the food come pre-packaged, with an ingredient list that is a mile long? Most likely it is something that you shouldn’t be eating! Paleo takes it back to the basics, so that your diet is focused on healthy, natural ingredients. Processed foods are harmful to your health, and they are the fastest path to weight gain.

Specific toxic foods that need to be avoided include:

  • Sugar of any type, including high fructose corn syrup, soda, candy, ice cream, fruit juice, and sweet treats
  • Grains such as rice, oats, barley, rye, and wheat
  • Legumes, including peanuts, soy beans, chickpeas, and any other type of beans
  • Vegetable seed oils such as canola oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and soybean oil

Increase Your Consumption of Nutrient Dense Foods

Once you get rid of the high-calorie, low-nutrient junk food, make sure that you fill your stomach with nutrient dense choices instead. You can eat an abundance of fresh vegetables and lean protein, and you will find that you are satisfied when you are finished and less hungry between meals.

Enjoy a variety of different types of leafy greens, raw vegetables, fish, organ meats, grass-fed beef, seafood, eggs, and fermented foods. Make sure that you are getting healthy fats and choosing high quality ingredients for every meal. For example, it is always best to choose grass-fed meat over conventionally raised meat, because the grass fed ingredients are much higher in nutrition and they provide the healthy omega-3’s that your body needs.

The Paleo lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to optimize your overall health and wellness. Many people start this lifestyle with the goal of improving their energy, and they find that weight loss is a natural side-effect of improving their diet. If you want to learn more about Paleo living, subscribe to my podcast and you will access information about fat loss for women over forty, as well as other healthy habits that you should include in your lifestyle.


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