Episode #17: Weight Loss Surgery for Fat Loss or the Paleo Diet?


Dr. Daniel SticklerDr. Daniel Stickler talks with us today about his journey from being one of the leading gastric bypass surgeons to his current practice with restorative and regenerative medicine.

Weight-loss surgery has been looked into by many overweight people (myself included). While it has helped some people, in long term observations it is not as effective as many may think. In this week’s episode, I’m talking with Dr. Stickler, a former bariatric surgeon who realized, after watching his patients struggle for over ten years with weight loss after surgery, that surgery is not the answer. Dr. Stickler and I will explain why making a lifestyle change and getting some simple tests done can help you reach your target body weight and get you the healthy body you deserve. In this episode, learn more about the Paleo/primal way of life that can help you to achieve fat loss and a healthier you.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Dr. Stickler chose bariatric surgery as his specialty and ultimately quit his practice
  • The harmful effects bad food choices can have on your body
  • The reasons that the Paleo/primal diet plan works
  • How you can start testing for biological markers of aging and start changing your results
  • Why variety in your diet will keep you on track and scientifically make you happier
  • Dr. Stickler’s advice to people considering bariatric surgery

Mentioned in the episode:

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