Simple Steps to Transition Your Family to a Healthier Diet

As you learn more about nutrition and healthy living, you are probably interested in helping your immediate family members to enjoy this way of eating as well. Some people start on a low carb diet to improve their health and lose weight, and they find that they are preparing two meals every day: one for […]

Episode #62 – Getting Started With Fat Loss

We all have concerns about our health and our weight, but getting started on the road to weight loss can be difficult and it’s easy to find yourself going down the wrong path. In this week’s episode, Melissa discusses what to consider before starting on your own weight loss journey, and how to set yourself […]

Getting Started On A Sustainable Weight Loss Training Program That Yields Results Women Over Forty

Are you aiming to lose weight? If so, then you must know, right from the start, that you will need to put in your whole heart, focus and commitment to this endeavor. By now you’ll have discovered that there is no magic pill or quick fix that can help you achieve the goal of truly […]